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Fairy Mobile Coloring Page Craft Tutorial

When I was busy creating my fairy coloring page, I couldn’t stop so I created a cut-out coloring page fairies set you can assemble! I decided to create a couple fairy craft tutorials using them; the first is my Fairy Mobile Tutorial.

Guys. I love how this turned out.

Learn how to make this gorgeous fairy mobile decoration, perfect for a little girls' room. Complete with cut-out adult coloring pages | Fairies | Fantasy | Adult Coloring | Printables | Mobile | Girls | Home Decor | DIY | Craft
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My boys really wanted this to hang in their room, but I decided we wouldn’t do that…so we agreed to use it as a decoration in our living room as part of our art wall! We hung the fairies over their very own fairy garden (tutorial coming soon after this post!).

This fairy mobile was so much fun to make. Use it as an adult coloring and craft activity or even let the kids color it, then hang it to decorate in a bedroom or elsewhere! You can hang it from the ceiling or hang it on the wall over a fairy garden.

I added some extra decorations beyond the fairies, too.

Check out the free Honey Bee Fairy Coloring Page I made! My boys love coloring the pages I make–you can see theirs hanging in the background.

Fairy Mobile and Art Wall

Fun story–while I was preparing these, my oldest asked if I could make a fairy coloring page of me…I chuckled a little, but realized I’d provided an extra set of wings on my printable as an alternative option, so I found a picture of myself and added it. I’ll share more about how to do this in an upcoming post as well!

To complete this craft, you will need my printable Fairies and Wings pages. You can get them for on Gumroad.

You Will Need:

Before anything else, you will want to color and assemble the fairies. I recommend printing them on this cardstock so they are sturdy. Since my printer is being a bonehead, I took my pages in on a flash drive to be printed at an office supply store.

Fairies Cut Out Coloring Pages

Color your fairies and wings. I used a combination of these colored pencils, these gel pens, and these markers. Let dry before cutting (or add the wet mediums after you cut it out.).

Fairies 3D Cut Out

Cut the fairies and wings out, carefully. You can color after, if you wish (personally, I colored before for ease, but usually I wouldn’t trust my cutting skills.). I cut the outsides then a few of the wings I left room to use a hobby knife to cut some of the pieces out of the wings. Since you can’t really give these a translucent effect (unless you print the wings on vellum), this turned out to be a fun compromise.

Fairies 3D Fold 1

To assemble the fairies, start by folding the wings on the marked lines. First, fold in half with the colored portion inward. For folding, you may find it helpful to lightly score the black lines with the hobby knife before you fold OR use a paper cutter with a creasing (not cutting) attachment.

Next, fold up the wings on the side.

Fairies 3D Fold 2

Fold up on the other marked lines so you have a tab to hold on the back.

Fairies 3D Fold 3

The two rectangular sections nearest the wings should lie flat. This is where you will add the hot glue.

Attach the wings to the back of the fairy using the hot glue. You might notice that some wings “match” their fairies by incorporating design elements from the fairies, but you can mix-and-match as you please. You will also notice there is one more set of wings than there are fairies. I’ll be sharing something fun to do with this in the next few days!

Here is how your fairy will look from the back…

Fairies 3D Back

And from the side…

Fairies 3D Side

To make the paper a bit more firm and give the fairies and iridescent and sparkly appearance, I used some lightly-colored iridescent pink nail polish that had tiny specks of glitter and spread it on certain parties of the fairies like their wings and hair.

Fairies 3D Sparkles

You can’t see incredibly well in the pictures, but they have a nice sparkly shine when the light hits them.

Fairy Mobile Step 3

Now for the mobile itself. Begin by loosening your embroidery hoop. Mine had these blue pieces protecting the metal part, so take this time to remove them.

Fairy Mobile Step 1

Take your fishing line or thread and string it onto a needle.

Fairy Mobile Step 2

Thread that needle through the back tab on the fairies. Getting these to hang properly can be difficult, but as long as you can get the long string pulling upwards you should be okay. I thread the fishing line through then held it up to make sure it hung how i wanted before going any further. Each hangs a little differently.

Tie the line/thread. This was a slight challenge for me and it took me some time to get it tight and going the proper direction. In the future, I might try crimping beads (the kind used for jewelry–I had some, but they weren’t wide enough) as they can help things hang properly and take less effort than tying. If you go this route, you will also need pliers like these.

Fairy Mobile Step 4

Time to hang your fairies. Slide the ends of the fishing line/thread in between the wooden hoops. Space these as you wish. I had each fairy hanging at a different height to give it more visual appeal and make it easier to see all the fairies at once.

Fairy Mobile Step 5

Once everything is in place, begin to tighten the hoop. I did not tighten it all the way immediately–take this time to adjust the fairies to make sure they are just where you want them. Once it is all set, finish tightening then cut off extra strings.

If you choose to, add some extra decorations like strings of beads or sequins–personally I added some craft bells and just tied them onto the wooden hoop with fishing line and cut off the excess.

Now for the tricky part–hanging the mobile.

I’ll be honest though, getting it to hang evenly is a pain, but I’d say it’s worth it. You might need to do some trial and error. I grabbed a long string of fishing line, folded it in half, then made a small hoop in the middle and tied it to create a hanger. I then tied either end onto the the wooden hoop, keeping in mind how long I wanted the mobile to hang and what I wanted to be the front of the mobile. Before I tightened everything down completely, I hung it gently from a hanger to make sure everything was as level as I could get it before I officially tightened up the strings. I tied them, but you could definitely use crimping beads here too for ease. Once finished, cut off any excess string that is left on the mobile where you tied it.

Fairy Mobile Cover

To finish the mobile off and make sure everything stays in place, especially if you went the tying-knots route, add a little hot glue onto all your tied-off ends.

Hang your whimsical mobile from the ceiling or from a hanger on the wall. I used a small plant hanger that we anchored into the drywall. We hung ours over a little fairy garden the boys helped me make (tutorial coming very soon for this too!).

My Honey Bee Fairy (from my free printable) is included in cut-out form!

Fairy Mobile Close Up

Buy these fairies and wings HERE

Read also: FREE Honey Bee Fairy Adult Coloring Page and Coloring Sheet Wrapping Paper

Do you love to color? What is your favorite art tool for coloring–pencils, markers, watercolor, something else? Share with me in the comments! I’d love to hear what products you use and why you love them!

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  1. shelly peterson

    What a great idea! This turned out super cute! My niece would love this in her room.

  2. I have fairy pictures in my house and I really like the fairy craft that you made! It is so cute and you sure did a great job.

  3. Looks so pretty! I love it.

  4. This fairy craft came out so nice, very creative, and I love the way you are using it with the fairy garden!

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  14. Dear ArtScrackers,

    I absolutely adore your fairy craft decor and coloring pages! They are simply enchanting and bring out the inner child in me. I love how detailed and whimsical your designs are, allowing for endless creativity and imagination. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns make these crafts truly magical. Thank you for sharing such delightful projects that both children and adults can enjoy. Keep up the amazing work!

    Warm regards,
    Becky Gomez

    • Arts & Crackers

      Hi Becky,

      I so appreciate your encouraging feedback! I have had to take a break from creating designs, but I hope to get back into it in the near future and offer more.

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