With All Thy Heart Coloring Pages – Samples from “Let’s Color Together”

It all began a little over a year ago…my journey to publishing my very first coloring book, “Let’s Color Together.” You can learn more about my book here. To get you a little more acquainted with my book, I decided I would offer you not one, but two free heart coloring pages, which are samples from my coloring book!


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Today’s free adult coloring page printable theme is love; I found these particular heart coloring pages to be quite fitting (as you can surely see why). Color them both yourself or share with a friend, child, or someone in a nursing home! My boys loved coloring these heart coloring pages with me (as well as coloring in the copies they received of my books!).


With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Let's Color Together with S


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With All Thy Heart Coloring Pages from Let’s Color Together

Didn’t my boys do an amazing job coloring?? I purchased some Koor-I-Noor woodless colored pencils for E to use as he has really gained a love for art. S has been using them too and his interest in art has really increased since he received this book. He has been meticulously coloring parts of the heart coloring pages and asking to color with me!
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With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Two Designs LOVE


E likes to sometimes take the more detailed pictures, which gives me a chance to practice patterns and textures on the simpler pages.


With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Two Designs Square


These hearts are such a blast to color. There are so many ways you can bring them to life. I decided to color them two different ways and share both with you.


With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Two Designs HEARTS


Golden Hearts


With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Golden Interesting


I think these golden hearts are my favorite. Using a monochrome color scheme throughout was a bit of a challenge, but I was able to experiment with shading and highlighting to make the gold look shiny and alive.

For this I used:

Notice the variety of yellows and the spots I left with a bit of white to give them a shine.


With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Golden Horizontal


Then I added some darker coloring to the side across from the shiny area and a thin line of the darker gold color opposite of that along the edges of the hearts to give them more of a 3D look.


With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Golden Close


Vibrant Hearts


With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Vibrant Long


Life should be full of color, so I also colored one with bright fuschia and purple and blue and some other gorgeous colors.

For this I used:



That’s right. I used petroleum jelly! I just dab a little onto the tips of the colored pencils when I am ready to color. This gives them a move vibrant color and a better cover.


With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Vibrant Horizontal


I also shaded these and changed the colors gradually as I worked my way up the page, overlapping between colors.



With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Vibrant Close



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Enjoy these heart coloring pages from my book and be sure to grab the whole copy of “Let’s Color Together” in printable or bound options. You will love the book! Video of the interior coming soon.

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With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Two Designs Long

With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Two Designs E on Top With All Thy Heart Adult Coloring Page Two Designs Vibrant on Top

Know what I would just love? If you would share this book and the free heart coloring pages with your friends and family! You can share on social media, in an email, by word of mouth…I’d also love for you to share your completed pages with me, either to [email protected], on my Facebook, tag @Artscrackers on Instagram or @AlyssaDarbyBlog on Twitter with the hashtag #ColoringTribe, or share in our Coloring Tribe Group! Seeing these pages enjoyed and colored by others makes it all worth it. I “heart” your support!

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  1. How exciting that you made your own coloring book! You did a great job coloring them and I never knew you could color in so many different ways and methods to make it look so nice.

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