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String Cheese Snowman Caprese Salad Appetizer Recipe

Truth be told, my boys will not always eat what I serve them. They can be picky. Sure, they love fruits and vegetables, but I don’t want to serve them only carrots and oranges and grapes every. single. day. SO, I try to come up with fun ways to present different foods to them. It usually works for my oldest (not always my toddler…he’s going through a…”stage”). I’ve been encouraging them to try more food combinations and things like salads. Yuck, they say. Then I served them this String Cheese Snowman Caprese Salad Appetizer.

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This String Cheese Snowman Caprese Salad Appetizer recipe is simple and so adorable. It is perfect as a winter snack for the kids or even as a grown-up winter appetizer. They make for a healthy snack (after school, school parties) or a healthy appetizer for parties.

String Cheese Snowman Caprese Salad Appetizer

Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer Close Square

We have brought these to parties and I have given the kids the supplies and let them assemble the snowmen themselves as a fine motor STEM activity. (Check out our Build-a-Snowman STEAM Activity too!) They are so versatile!

Caprese Salad Snowman STEM Activity

Did I mention they’re delicious?! I adore Caprese salads and crave them quite regularly. These are a mini Caprese salad on a stick. You can make them in a pinch and make just the right amount for one person or for a crowd. Making string cheese snowmen instead of chunks of mozzarella makes them that much faster to assemble and it tastes just as wonderful.

Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer Grab and Eat

Supply List

  • Toothpicks (slightly longer appetizer toothpicks work well, but regular size can work)
  • Mozzarella string cheese
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Grape tomatoes (try using the multi-color packs of tomatoes!)
  • Black and orange edible ink markers

Printable instructions available below.


1. Slice the string cheese into pieces–each stick will make about three string cheese snowmen. Make a head and a body, a head and a body, a head and a body, then cut the extra piece into four and use these later for the hat.

Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer 2

Note: You can add the face here (details in the steps below) or you can assemble first. If you choose to draw faces first, make sure the ink is completely dry before moving on so it doesn’t smear.

2. Begin assembling the string cheese snowman Caprese salad appetizers. Start with the larger piece of string cheese. Stick the toothpick slightly into the string cheese. Do not push it in too far or you will not have enough space at the top for the toothpick to stick out for guests to grab.

Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer 3

3. Add a basil leaf scarf. For the smaller leaves, I just tore a slit then folded the other end a bit and slid it on the toothpick. I tore the larger leaves in half first so the pieces were closer to the size of the smaller leaves and would fit better on our cute little Caprese salad snowmen.

Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer 4

4. Slide the smaller string cheese pieces onto the toothpick as the head. Get it close to the basil and the base piece so there isn’t a big gap and make sure to leave room for the hat at the top.

Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer 5

5. Cut the grape tomatoes in half the short way. Dab the open end to remove extra juices then slide one pieces onto the toothpick, wide end down, to make a hat. (Note: if you are concerned with this being a choking hazard for kids, cut it up before they actually eat it, have them bite it in half, or make silly hats and cut it the long way–safety first. My boys just bit it all into pieces, and tomatoes give way pretty easily anyway.).

Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer 6

6. Carefully slide on one of the small wedges of string cheese to give the hat a cute puff ball at the top.

Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer 7

7. If you held off on adding the face, add it now! Using the black edible ink marker, draw on two eyes, a mouth, and add a few buttons. Use the orange edible ink marker to draw on a nose.

Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer 8

Here is a cute way to display your String Cheese Snowman Caprese Salad Appetizers. This does not travel well, but is adorable for parties because it looks like a snow globe! I just placed them on a dessert stand then found a glass bowl that would fit over top (you can use a new fishbowl too if you can find one that is lightweight and the proper size) and decorated it with snowflake window clings. You can also use a cake plate with a glass top (like these). Decorate with mini trees and sleds!

Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer Cover Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer Serving Suggestion

Will you make these? Where will you serve these Caprese Salad Snowmen? Share with me in the comments!

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Caprese Salad Snowmen Appetizer Close Long


  1. This is sooooooooooooooooo cute…I can’t wait to make hem for xmas…thanks!

  2. These are adorable! My boys will love making these together!

    • Thank you, Meg! I hope you have fun making them. Feel free to come back and share how they turned out or share on my Facebook page or tag @ArtsCrackers #artscrackers on Instagram!

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  8. These are adorable. I’m going to make these for my girls after holiday gift exchange next week😊

    • Thank you, Cathy! I hope you have so much fun with them.

      Feel free to come back and let me know how you enjoyed it and/or to share a picture with me on my Facebook page (or tag Arts&Crackers – Parenting with Creativity) or tag me on Instagram (@ArtsCrackers) or even email me if you don’t want it shared publicly. I love seeing people actually enjoying the ideas I share.

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  13. Use a piece of a spaghetti strand as the toothpick. That way you can get the length you want.

    • Hi Kathleen, you could totally try that. I’m not sure it would be strong enough to hold up though. We personally cannot use that because we are gluten free (and the gluten free pasta I’m sure would also not hold up). If you try it, let me know how it goes.

  14. I made these for a Dirty Santa party and they were a hit! They came out so cute and tasty! Thanks for the inspiration.

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