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“Let’s Color Together” New Coloring Book Release Update

This past week, my first coloring book was officially published and listed on Amazon and Createspace! I am so excited to share this new coloring book release for “Let’s Color Together” with you after a long year or so in the making.


This new coloring book release, Let's Color Together, is just the holiday gift you need. Learn more about the book, how you can support the launch, and purchasing options | Adult Coloring | Coloring for Adults | New Coloring Book | Coloring Book | Coloring Therapy | Kids Coloring Book | Let's Color Together | For Sale | My Products | Book Release | Illustrations | Author | Book Launch | Parenting | Gift Ideas | Christmas | Gift Guide | 2016Great for Pinning Image Pin It Button


At this time, I do not have a ton of pictures to share with you about my book, but I plan to share more towards the end of the week as I start working on coloring some of the pages. For now, this will just be a quick post to give a idea of what this new coloring book release is about and give you a way to help support the launch.


New Coloring Book Release for “Let’s Color Together”!!


As I mentioned earlier, I have been working on this book about a year. The idea came to me after my son kept requesting to color the adult coloring pages I was making. At the time, I couldn’t really find anything like a book for adults and children to enjoy coloring together, so I started out on the long process of creating the pages and figuring out how to self-publish.


Let's Color Together New Coloring Book Release


The designs in this book are specially-created so Mom/Dad/Grandparent and child can finish coloring around the same time. Rather than just try to reach the “parents with kids” audience, however, I wanted to go a step further and cater to those who are more like me. Inside the book, I share how you can use these pages to do more detailed designs one day then take a break with the simpler pages. I share some exclusive resources for improving your coloring skills by adding more detail to the simple designs as a challenge. This coloring book is not only a parent-and-children coloring book, but an adult coloring book.

Are you a military family? Do you currently have a loved one deployed or remote? You can send one of these books and some colored pencils (or cut out the complex pages and send those with some pencils) and Mom or Dad can color with her/his little one back home over video chat! This is a great way to stay connected when there’s so much distance in between.


Let's Color Together New Coloring Book Release Square


Details about my printed “Let’s Color Together” coloring book:

  • 55 pages
  • 22 unique, hand-drawn designs in a portrait layout (11 simple and 11 complex)
  • blank backs on all pages with suggestions space to write information on the colorists
  • extra blank pages at the back for placing behind the page you are coloring
  • complex/simple designs side-by-side
  • 8 bonus color-and-cut bookmarks (4 simple and 4 complex)
  • matte finish cover, so you can color this too
  • coloring tips and resources
  • size=8.5″ x 11″
  • full bleed designs
  • 60# paper weight
  • recommended coloring medium: colored pencils (wet mediums may leak through the paper, thus the extra blank pages)
  • printed by Amazon Createspace


Take a Quick Peek Inside

Here is a quick peek inside of my book so you can get an idea of the pages I am offering. Share this video with your friends and family so they can get a peek too!

Psssssst….you can also get a couple free sample pages from my book!


How Can I Purchase This Book?

While I am not promoting purchase as much in this post, because I am focused on getting the word out first and foremost, you can definitely already purchase it if you wish. If you are familiar with my free and paid pages on Arts & Crackers, you already know some about my style and quality. I will promote purchasing more once I can share a video and some peeks inside the book, but if you want to go ahead and purchase right now, I’m not going to stop you (in fact, I’ll encourage it!).



My book is now available on Amazon, which means you can use Prime if you have it (if you don’t and you want it for holiday shopping, you can get an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trialor even give the Gift of Amazon Prime). This book is printed by Amazon Createspace and shipped to you straight from them. It is bound and perfect for holiday gifting. Use my affiliate link and, at no more cost to you, I can make a little extra from the book (Amazon is my preferred option, personally, as it offers potential free shipping.).



You can purchase my printed-and-bound book directly through Createspace. Click here. I believe I figured out a way to offer discounts, so I have a special discount set up for active duty, reserves, or retired military service members and their immediate families. If you qualify for this, email me at [email protected] for details.


Arts & Crackers Store

I am offering a printable version in my online store. This will be cheaper for you if you are purchasing for yourself. Keep in mind these designs are created to print to the edge of your page, so if your printer will not do this, you may end up with a small white margin around the edges. I recommend printing on cardstock. These are not as giftable, but are a great option if you want it for yourself without spending the full amount for a bound copy. If you are active duty, reserves, or retired military or an immediate family member, feel free to email me at [email protected] for a discount code.
[wp_cart_display_product name=”Printable ‘Let’s Color Together’ Coloring Book” price=”5.00″ thumbnail=”https://artscrackers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Lets-Color-Together-New-Release-Square-Image.jpg” description=”Limited-time reduced price for book launch!” file_url=”https://artscrackers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Lets-Color-Together-Digital-Copy.pdf”]



Purchase this book on Gumroad! The price is a little higher than on my site due to fees (and it also gives you the option to pay me more…if you feel it is worth more.).

I may list to Etsy as well, but at a later point (my printed copies on Etsy cost a bit more as I have to cover a plethora of fees, so your best option is to purchase printed on my website.).




If you choose to purchase a copy, please leave an honest review on Amazon!


Become an Affiliate!

Are you a blogger or business owner who would like to become an affiliate for the printed version of my book (through Gumroad)? Email me at [email protected] to find out how you can earn money by supporting my small business and promoting sales of my book!

Never did I ever think I would be a self-published author. I mean, I am technically self-published on my website and have written pieces in printed compilations of many short stories, but this is different. This is my book. I can touch it. I can flip through it. I managed to, as a scatter-brained mom, pull this whole thing together by myself. I praise God for the abilities He gave me and the friends who helped answer questions along the way.

All of the income that I make off of my website and my products (printables, printed books, etc.) is set aside and saved up towards our dream of a lot of land, a house we can fix up, and becoming relatively self-sufficient with a garden, cow, and chickens. Oh, and a little bit of Starbucks to keep me going. Thank you SO much for your support, in any way you support, whether you share my posts for more to see, purchase products I create, or just stop by to read my posts–it’s encouraging and I appreciate you!

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Thank You


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