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Deep in the Woods Halloween Coloring Page for Adults

This is what I see when I drive past the woods at night. Darkness. Creepy trees. Don’t get me wrong, I love the woods and often find them magical, but sometimes they have quite an eeriness to them. “Deep in the Woods” became my Halloween coloring page for adults for this month’s coloring challenge!

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In our home, we do not really celebrate Halloween, to be honest. We celebrate all things fall. When deciding what to draw for my Halloween coloring page for adults, I wanted to create something that was spooky, but not really creepy. My husband gave his input that I should draw the woods, so that is exactly what I did. This scene from deep in the woods fits the theme perfectly.

Deep in the Woods Halloween Coloring Page for Adults

The trees, which I have colored in hues of purples and blues, look like lands stretching from the ground. Their limbs are like fingers reaching out and giving them a whimsical appearance. The moon is hanging low behind the wooded landscape.

Deep in the Woods Halloween Coloring Page for Adults Close

Between the trees, a spider spins her web awaiting pesky bugs.

A cat sits upon a tree stump, staring.

Deep in the Woods Halloween Coloring Page for Adults Cat

If you look closely, you will see a small bat hiding in the tree tops. My favorite part, however, is the mangled roots of the trees.

Deep in the Woods Halloween Coloring Page for Adults Square

To color in this Halloween coloring page for adults, I used:

This “Deep in the Woods” Halloween coloring page for adults used a lot of color mixing and blending to create a spooky effect. I used a variety of purples and blues for the trees and added some pinks and black to bring some depth to them. Since the moon is in the center, I shaded the outsides darker and highlighted the areas that would be hit with moonlight using a light green pencil. The further back the tree, the darker the trunk and branches, so the trees in the very front are a brighter purple color.

For the moon, I used light greens and yellows. The sky is a rainbow of colors that show the sun setting. I used a ROYGBIV color scheme with some variations directly surrounding the moon. The clouds are still mostly white, but certain areas are highlighted with beautiful blues and pinks from the sunset.

Deep in the Woods Halloween Coloring Page for Adults Spider

During fall, the grass is not so vibrantly green as it is in spring and summer, so I wanted something more muted. I went with a variety of light and olive greens and a honey yellow color. Further back is darker and closer up the grass brightens. While there is a lot of detail on the grass area, I chose not to color in each and every detail, but rather let the details speak for themselves while doing my own thing with colors. This made it simpler and allowed me to really bring some interest into the forest floor.

If you look closely, you will notice that the black cat has green eyes. I never got around to this, but I plan to add a little bit of glow-in-the-dark paint to make this a little more exciting at night. I may also add some scattered dots around the sky area so it looks like stars.

One fun technique I did do was creating a fog effect using a white chalk marker. The chalk is wet, so I was able to add some scribbles of wet chalk around where I wanted fog, just a small area at a time. Before the chalk dried, I used my finger to dab it and make a smudged, foggy look. I went over this multiple times in multiple areas until it was just how I wanted it. The chalk even overtook some of the black ink from the outlines, so it really appears to be lingering.

Deep in the Woods Halloween Coloring Page for Adults Roots and Fog

Lastly, I went around the web with a white charcoal pencil just to bring a little more life to the web. This did not do a whole lot, but it did make the web stand out a little bit more. If I had a fine tip chalk marker, I likely would have used that instead to create more distinct white lines.

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Deep in the Woods Halloween Coloring Page for Adults
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  1. Coloring is a great way to unwind. I love this! Thanks for the links and printables!

  2. This is a really cool Halloween Coloring page and it is free! I love to color and would hang this on the wall right now for Halloween.

  3. Perfect just in time for Halloween. I love coloring. It’s so relaxing and makes you take your mind off of every day life!

  4. Looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing

  5. I’m a newbie to the adult coloring trend, but I have found it to be so relaxing. I used to love to color as a child. These coloring pages are great.

  6. I do not think my coloring skills as an adult will have improved much over my lackluster coloring skill as a child.

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