“Cat Nap” Vintage Storybook-Style Cat Coloring Page for Adults

I’m not always a cat person, but when I am, it’s all about those kittens. I mean, seriously. Who can resist an adorable little kitten, all squishy and soft?! This month’s cat coloring page for adults was something I struggled with a bit because I didn’t want just a cat. Initially I was going to make something with moving parts, but as I contemplated kitties I couldn’t get this image out of my head–an itty bitty kitty all curled up with a ball of yarn.


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As I was planning this cat coloring page, I decided to stylize it like a vintage storybook coloring page. You may or may not know that I write children’s books, but I have been practicing to illustrate my own books. I love the vintage style, so this cat coloring page was the perfect opportunity to work on a vintage storybook page.


“Cat Nap” Vintage Storybook-Style Cat Coloring Page for Adults


Cat Nap Vintage-Style Cat Coloring Page Angled Square


This adorable kitten is taking a cat nap. In my head, I couldn’t resist but imagine the kitten stretch out its paws and say “yaaarn” (instead of yawn…you know…it’s a play on words…or maybe just a bad joke).


Cat Nap Vintage-Style Cat Coloring Page Cover


As I imagined the story playing out, a tiny mouse scuttled into the frame, “squeaking up” on the cat (yes, another play on words…I had to.). Curious, the brave little mouse decided to get a closer look at the sleepy kitty taking a cat nap. Perhaps the two will grow an unlikely friendship.


Cat Nap Vintage-Style Cat Coloring Page Mouse



This vintage storybook cat coloring page is great for working on your texture skills. It gives a great opportunity for giving the kitten and mouse a soft, furry look and adding the soft-but-scratchy texture of the yarn.


Cat Nap Vintage-Style Cat Coloring Page Close


I chose a color scheme with complementary colors–orange and blue. The cornflower blue color looks bold and beautiful against the orange tabby cat’s striped fur.

This vintage storybook coloring page is definitely one of those coloring pages I plan to finish. You may have noticed that I almost always leave part of the page uncolored. This is so you can see where I came from and how I filled in the blank space. Sometimes I finish them, but I very often forget to unless I love them (like this one).


Cat Nap Vintage-Style Cat Coloring Page Long


When I finish coloring this, I plan to use ultra fine point markers to give the yarn more texture, leave one paw white on the bottom so it looks like an adorable little sock, and perhaps find a very thin, white marker to add more dimension to the fur textures.


To color this page, I used:


Cat Nap Vintage-Style Cat Coloring Page Angled Cover


I started with several layers of colored pencil to get a base of colors that I wanted and also to lay out some texture. Then I went over that with a light layer of the alcohol-based markers to make sure the coloring was even. After everything was even, I started adding more depth with more layers of marker then more layers and texturing with the colored pencils.

A pop-up window will show; scroll down with the scroll bars or with the page down or down arrow buttons on your keyboard to download. The file will be instantly sent to the email provided.

Download Your Free Cat Nap Cat Coloring Page


My boys wanted in on the coloring fun, so I gave them some pages to color too. Didn’t they do a great job?



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What is your favorite animal? Do you have any hobbies that involve yarn? How do you think the story behind this page would go? Share with me below!

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  1. Alyssa! I am in love with this cute CUTE cute page! Thank you for sharing your talent! I’m spending some time this weekend to color this. I hate posting because I’m not very good but I’m grateful for this page!

  2. This is too cute! Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Alyssa,
    Thank you for creating this charming coloring page–it’s like an illustration from a quality children’s book! I’ve tried to download it several times this week, but never receive it (first time this has happened). Help!

    • Hi Marjorie,

      Thank you! I am so happy you love it. Thank you also for your feedback. Occasionally the plugins I use have issues, but the last issue seemed to be corrected last week. I just checked and I did have to do some updates, so those are completed now. Please try again and be sure to check your spam folder just in case. If you still don’t receive it or see any error codes or anything, please email me at [email protected] so I can better diagnose the issue and make sure you get the page to print. Thank you!

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