SNICKERS and Laughs–To Brighten a Day

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Snickers and Laughs INO Snickers Crispers
We all have those days…

Those days when all we can do is put our head in our hands.

Those days where all we want is a good laugh and some chocolate.


When I can tell someone else is having a bad day or just needs a pick-me-up, I like to try to cheer them up. One thing I love to do is give them a giggle, because that’s what I would want from others. Usually that is by saying ridiculous puns and jokes and letting them laugh at me…er…I mean…with me.

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Another way I like to show that I care is by giving a small gift. This doesn’t have to be big. Sometimes it’s a basket of goodies while a spouse is deployed. Sometimes it’s just a stick of gum and a smile.


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I like to carry around small goodies to hand out to friends and even the men and women standing on the street corners in need of food. Something I recently put together are these SNICKERS & Laughs bars!


Each has a fun size SNICKERS Crisper candy bar with a printable joke tied around it.


Your recipient can untie the bow and read the joke for a laugh and eat the bar for a smile.


Snickers and Laughs Gifts


The one featured above reads:

“What kind of dog likes to draw and eat chocolate? A Snickersdoodle.


Sometimes silly little jokes is all you need to get through the day. I tend to come up with my best jokes on the rough days…after all, laughter is the best medicine.


Download Your Free Printable SNICKERS Joke Cards


Whether you’re dealing with bad moods, hunger, a rough day, or craving something sweet and crunchy, SNICKERS Crisper with a joke is the perfect way to set things right again, for you, a friend, or even a stranger (where appropriate.)


Belly laughs and full bellies go so well together.


Snickers Crisper


SNICKERS Crisper is a fun new candy that combines these yummy tastes and textures:


crispy crisped rice

crunchy peanuts

gooey caramel

creamy SNICKERS brand milk chocolate


It’s the same delicious SNICKERS bar, but with a crispy twist!


You can purchase these candy bars from Walmart stores and online at They come in SNICKERS Crisper singles, SNICKERS Crisper 4 to Go, and SNICKERS Crisper Medium FUN SIZE 12 count bags. The single packs come with two pieces, each 100 calories, so you can eat one now and save one for later (or share with a friend!)


Visit my online store for more fun printables!


Snickers and Laughs Cover


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I would love to hear from you in the comments below–What’s your favorite joke to tell to make people smile? Are there any other ways you like to cheer people up? Share with me!

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  1. I love this idea! I know there are days I could use a laugh and some chocolate and would appreciate one of these given to me. 🙂 It would be nice to do that for some one else.

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