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5 Super Cool Hawaiian-Themed String Cheese Wrappers

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If you love Hawaii and tropical themes, you will adore these Hawaiian-themed string cheese wrappers! Create hula girl, tourist, surf board, pineapple, and palm tree string cheese wrappers. They make great snacks at home or for traveling!Growing up I used to love luaus and Hawaiian party themes. Grass skirts, surf boards, coconuts, pineapples…just thinking about Hawaii warms me up and make me feel like I was on vacation. I wanted to bring a little of that Hawaiian fun to my boys’ snacks so I made these this super cool Hawaiian-themed string cheese wrapper crafts! These are fun healthy snacks for kids at home, on road trips, or even on the airplane to Hawaii!

I found my Hawaiian inspiration from my family’s favorite string cheese brand, Frigo┬« Cheese Heads┬«’s Unforgettable String Break promotion.

My family loves Frigo Cheese Heads string cheese. It has such a great flavor and the packaging is so fun (you might have noticed a trend that I always use Frigo cheese in all of my string cheese wrapper crafts posts.) We like to get the big package because we eat it almost daily.

Frigo Cheese Heads String CheeseMy kids absolutely love when I decorate their string cheese wrappers. This time around I made a surf board, palm tree, pineapple, tourist, and hula girl.

Keep in mind as you may need to wipe down condensation on the outside of the cold string cheese wrappers as they warm to room temperature before drawing, gluing, or taping.

Surf Board

String Cheese SurfboardE, my oldest, likes this one the best!

You will need a piece of construction paper cut into a long surf board shape, markers, and some tape. Decorate your surf board then tape it onto the string cheese wrapper!

Palm Tree

String Cheese Palm Tree Step 7You will need brown and green construction paper, a brown marker, and tape. Cut a piece of brown construction paper into a long tree trunk a little longer than the length of the string cheese. Draw horizontal lines on it. Cut out three brown circles for coconuts and color them in some to make them look hairy. Cut five long leaf shapes out of green construction paper then cut out notches on one side to make them look like palm leaves. Tape three to the top of the string cheese wrapper and glue two onto the top of the tree trunk to give it some depth then glue the coconuts onto the leaves at the bottom.


String Cheese Pineapple Step 5Draw a long yellow oval using a permanent marker. Give it a brown outline then draw a cross hatch design and add tiny spots or x’s in the center of each diamond you’ve created. Cut a spiky leaf top out of green construction paper and tape it to the top of the string cheese wrapper.


String Cheese Hawiian TouristCut a small pair of shorts from brown construction paper. Keep the waist the size of the string cheese. Using this free Hawaiian shirt pattern, draw a shirt where you want on the pattern and cut it out to the width of the shorts. Use a marker to add buttons and pockets if you wish. Draw a smiley face on your tourist and sunglasses over his eyes, tape the shirt and shorts on, then draw a pair of legs with sandals on the feet. You can even add an adorable construction paper camera!

Hula Girl

String Cheese Hula Girl Step 4Use that same Hawaiian shirt pattern to cut out a small rectangle for the top. Cut off a piece of green party streamer then cut a bunch of thin slits near the top. This will be the grass skirt. Draw a smiley face near the top of the string cheese then tape the top and skirt into place. Add a flower headband and lei using a marker or tiny flower stickers if you have them!

For extra fun, use googly eyes for the tourist and hula girl!

Hawaiian String Cheese WrappersThese Hawaiian-themed wrappers are a great way to say “Aloha” to spring break! Speaking of spring break, are you excited for a vacation?!

Which of these string cheese wrappers is your favorite? Have you ever been to Hawaii? Share with me in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. These are SO cool! I love what you’ve done with that hula girl!

  2. I LOVE THIS!! What a fun and quirky idea, especially right now for us folks in MI – we could use a little warm inspiration from some Aloha Hawaiian fun!! Not to mention our love for cheese – including string cheese (perfect snack for adults and kids)!!!

  3. These are really cute. My favorite is the Hula girl.

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