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DIY Christmas Wreath Stemware Drink Charms

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Charm your guests this Christmas with gourmet sparkling water drinks served in fancy glasses with these DIY drink charms shaped like Christmas wreaths! Follow this beaded stemware charms tutorial to make these beautiful dangling decorations.Great for Pinning Image Pin It ButtonUniqueness is something that I strive for in everything that I do, especially during the holidays. We enjoy having friends over for beverages, snacks, and board games and we try to change things up every time guests come. After the last few board game nights, our regular guests seem to think we are “high class.”

Okay, to explain…one time when they were over my friend and I “serenaded them” with flutes (we were just practicing.) The next time we treated them to a plethora of fancy teas aaaand the next time I may or may not have been dressed up as a princess with a giant ball gown.

Well, boy do I have plans for our next board game night for Christmas! I’m talking customized bubbly drinks from our SodaStream Power Automatic Sparkling Water Maker, served in fancy glasses with Christmas Wreath Drink Charms!

The SodaStream Power is incredibly cool and would make a great Christmas gift to sparkling water lovers, technology lovers, and those seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. SodaStream is the #1 sparkling water brand known for its sustainability and drink personalization. No need to screw the bottle into the SodaStream Power, just put the bottle into place and snap down. It has three levels to adjust the fizz  intensity to your liking. The part that is my favorite is that you can achieve the perfect fizz–one quick push of a button and the Power will do it for you.

SodaStream Power How to UseI am in love with the new SodaStream Waters sparkling drink mixes. They are naturally flavored, naturally colored, naturally sweetened, and low calorie. They come in Fruits, Zeros, and Gourmet varieties. My very very favorite is the the Gourmet Green Apple Cucumber. Just like me, it is unique. The gourmet line was created to encourage consumers to try new flavor combinations. I personally find it fascinating. I want to try the Coriander Apple Blossom next! The Zeros are named such for having zero calories. As I mentioned above, these drink mixes are naturally sweetened, so they have used a plant-based sweetener, stevia, for this.

SodaStream Power with Sparkling WatersYou can purchase these products directly from the SodaStream website or find your nearest retailer.

For our party, I am serving custom non-alcoholic bubbly drinks in coordinating cocktail glasses with these lovely stemware charms (tutorial below!) The Gourmet Green Apple Cucumber reminded me of fancy champagne so I added it to a champagne glass with some thin slices of cucumber. The Cranberry Raspberry Zero I poured into a martini glass and stuck a couple cranberries on a toothpick to drop inside. I also received the Gourmet Blackcurrant Lime and limes look great on margarita glasses, so that’s what I used for this flavor. Last but not least, the Fruits Berry Mix has a nice red color, so I used a wine glass.

Christmas Wreath Stemware Charms with SodaStream Sparkling WaterChristmas Wreath Drink Charms Tutorial

What You Need


1. Print the holiday charms onto cardstock using the “best” color setting.

Christmas Wreath Drink Charms Step 12. Trim away one of the charms so there is less paper around it to cut off in the next step, then punch one teeny tiny hole in the center of the loop using the smallest setting on your hole punch. If your punch doesn’t go down that far, you can use a needle, but you will have excess paper on the back so I recommend the specific punch.

Christmas Wreath Drink Charms Step 23. Trim the charm completely off of the paper and apply one coat of clear nail polish. Let dry. You can work on other charms during this time.

Christmas Wreath Drink Charms Step 34. Once the base coat of clear is dry, add another coat of clear polish to the paper charms and let dry. You can add another after that if you wish, but two coats was good for me. You can also add a coat to the back of the charm to make it even sturdier.

Christmas Wreath Drink Charms Step 45. Slide one of the crimping beads onto the hoop earring.

Christmas Wreath Drink Charms Step 56. Add all the beads you plan to use onto the hoop earring and find the center. Remove half of the beads. If you are using the same beads on each or similar designs on each, after the first couple you should be able to skip this step and just add half of the beads.

Christmas Wreath Drink Charms Step 67. Using your needle nose pliers, open up one of the jump rings and hook it onto a second jump ring then clamp it tight again with the pliers. Open up the second and slide it through the hole on your printed charm and clamp it tight again. If the hole is covered by nail polish, simply poke the hole through with something thin and sharp. I used the tip of the pliers, but you would be better off using a needle or pin.

Christmas Wreath Drink Charms Step 78. Slide the dangling printed charm onto the hoop earring and add the rest of the beads.

Christmas Wreath Drink Charms Step 89. Add one more crimping bead then bend the flat end of the earring up a little using the pliers. This will allow you to hook the earring together so it hangs off the stem of the glass and will also help prevent your beads from falling off.

Christmas Wreath Drink Charms Step 910. Crimp the crimping beads down. They may not crimp all the way, and that is fine, but crimp them as firmly down as you can so the beads do not move so much.

*An alternative to crimping beads is to use the clear earring backs for fish hook earrings.

When you are ready to use your charms, slide them around the stem of your glassware at the base and hook the bent end of the earring into the loop on the other end.

Christmas Wreath Drink Charms for Sparkling WaterThese Christmas Wreath Drink Charms make a beautiful handmade Christmas gift. Place them in a jewelry gift box, add a fun stemmed glass and the SodaStream Power with one of the Water Drink Mixes, and wrap it up for a loved one! Not ready to gift it? Invite friends and family over for a Christmas sparkling water cocktail party and serve gourmet bubbly drinks, using the drink charms as markers so you know whose glass is whose!

Christmas Wreath Drink CharmVisit the SodaStream website and let me know what Sparkling Water flavor you want to try first! Do you have guests over for the holidays? Which flavors do you think they would like? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Soda Stream and everything they do for the environment! We are obsessed with our Source. How is the Power in comparison? It’s a go-to gift for me…

    • Me too! The Power is great. It’s so simple to use. I haven’t tried the Source, but I definitely recommend the Power.

  2. What a cute idea for drink charms! I would never have thought to do this myself. There’s so much you could do with this – I’m thinking different themes, pictures, etc. I also loved the way you paired the Sparkling Water Mixes with different style glasses for great presentation! [client]

  3. These drink charms are so adorable and really great to put on Holiday stemware to brighten the glasses up. I want to try making these and having for my glasses this Christmas

  4. These little charms are adorable, and not too hard to do! I love these flavors – Gourmet Green Apple Cucumber – wow!

  5. I’ve made wine glass markers, but I love the idea of making my own charms to use on them! This is totally going on my make-for-Christmas-gifts list. Thank you.

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