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Homemade Cookie Cutter Ravioli

Pasta is a huge staple in my house. Homemade pasta is my favorite so I decided to make some homemade ravioli! I wanted to make my ravioli fun and unique so I made cookie cutter shapes! See my Three Cheese Ravioli recipe below for instructions on how you can make homemade Cookie Cutter Ravioli too!


Homemade Cookie Cutter Ravioli Snowglobe


Ingredients (Pasta)*:

  • 1 3/4 cups flour, sifted
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil


Ingredients (Three Cheese Filling)**:

  • 1 cup ricotta cheese
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1/4 cup finely grated parmesan cheese
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • pinch of sea salt



1. Begin by making your homemade pasta. Sift the flour into a pile on a clean countertop. Make sure you have plenty of area to work in.

2. Make a bowl in the center; add 2 eggs, olive oil and salt in the well*.


making pasta


3. Gradually mix the ingredients together by hand until it forms a dough. Don’t want to get your hands messy? You can use a stand mixer with a dough hook as well. If the dough is too dry, add a few drops of water. If it is too wet, add a little flour. Making pasta is not an exact science, so it may take a little experimenting to get the perfect consistency.


spinach pasta


4. Knead the dough for 2-5 minutes, massaging with a light amount of oil.

5. Place the dough into a baggie and let it rest at room temperature for about 30 minutes.

6. During this time you can prepare the ravioli filling. To make Three Cheese filling, mix together the three cheeses, eggs and salt in a bowl then set aside for filling the pasta later.


ravioli three cheese filling


7. If you have a pasta roller and know how to use it, roll the pasta dough according to your machine’s directions for ravioli. If you are like me and cannot afford one, grab out the rolling pin. This method is a whole lot harder and more time-consuming, but it gets the job done. Make sure you have plenty of work area for rolling and that the counter is floured so that the dough does not stick and tear. Flatten the dough very thin and even until it is almost translucent, taking care not to let it rip.

8. Cut the dough into two even pieces. Let the dough rest and dry for a bit. I simply placed mine on a floured kitchen towel for a while.

9. Once the dough has rested, cover one half of the dough with a towel and bring the other to your workspace. Lightly tap your chosen cookie cutter shapes into the dough as guidelines.

10. Place a small amount of filling in the centers of your shapes. The amount with vary with the shape and size of each cookie cutter, so just eyeball the amount needed taking care to leave room to press and seal the dough around the filling.


making ravioli


11. Lightly brush beaten egg on the pasta around the filling on each ravioli. This step is very important as without it your pasta will not properly seal.

12. Grab the reserved sheet of pasta dough and drape over a rolling pin. Carefully place the sheet on top of the pasta with the filling.

13. Press the pasta firmly between each lump of filling to stick the pasta layers together and push out any trapped air bubbles.

14. Use your cookie cutters to cut out your ravioli. I used plastic, however metal would work best. I suggest using this plain pasta dough with snowman cookie cutters. Try the spinach recipe below for green Christmas trees and you can even find a tomato pasta recipe to make stockings, get creative!

15. Let the raviolis rest for up to an hour on a floured kitchen towel or cook right away. You can also refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 24 hours; I did this out of necessity, but your pasta will become a dull color if refrigerated rather than cooking immediately.


spinach ravioli trees


16. To cook: Boil a pot full of water (they say about 4 qt. of water per 13-18 oz. of pasta, adding salt to the water if you choose.) Cook the pasta about 3-4 minutes until al dente (pasta will float.) Drain and serve immediately. See below for above SnowGlobe plating instructions.


steamed spinach


*To make green (spinach) pasta dough, use the above recipe but use two cups of flour instead of 1 3/4 and add 3/4 cup of pureed steamed spinach (squeeze out any excess liquid before you puree.) This green dough makes great ravioli trees! Want other colors? Look for flavored pasta recipes online or experiment on your own! **You can use my Three Cheese filling or look up other filling flavors online.


SnowGlobe Plating Instructions:

1. Make the SnowGlobe base. Cut the top tab off of a card envelope then cut the tab in half vertically.


making a snowglobe stand


2. Tape each tap onto the back of the main part of the envelope as shown.


making a snowglobe stand finished


3. Use Alfredo/white sauce on the bottom of a white plate to make snow. Place your trees/snowmen in the “snow.”

4. Add red ornaments to the trees using drops of red pasta sauce.

5. For the snowman, cut out a small piece of carrot as the nose, strip of spinach as a scarf, and cut up small pieces of black olives for the eyes and buttons. To make the top hat, cut up a black olive; cut in half then cut one rounded end in half to sit flat and trim the edges to make it a rectangle shape. Cut a strip off the bottom of the other olive quarter to make the base of the hat so it looks like the picture above.

6. Finish off your SnowGlobe by sprinkling on grated parmesan cheese over the entire plate so it looks like snow.

Are you going to try this? Share your pictures on my Facebook timeline or tag me on Instagram with @ArtsCrackers and use my hashtag #artscrackers!


  1. Great idea! I’ve made my own pasta, but I’ve never made ravioli because I thought it required specialty equipment. I feel so empowered now! I’m going to take a look through my cookie cutters to see what shapes I have that would lend themselves to this.

    • I did too, so I was so happy when I tried this idea and it worked out. I have to make them again this year with the kids.

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