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PB Apple Sandwich | Kid Made Food

PB Apple Sandwich Kid Made Foods. Click the picture for the recipe.I love letting my boys help make their lunches, whether it’s dumping noodles in a pot or spreading peanut butter onto bread. I believe it is important to familiarize your children with the kitchen and the concept of nutritious food preparation.

One of my oldest son’s favorite lunches is our PB Apple Sandwich. This is simple to make, so your child can make his or her own with little to no help. It will also help your child with practical life skills.

PB Apple Sandwich EnjoyingWhat You Need

  • 2 slices of bread
  • Nut butter (we used this Homemade Mixed Nut Butter)
  • Chocolate spread
  • 3 thin, flat slices of apple (we usually use whatever kind is on sale)


1. Pre-cut the apple slices. This should be done by a parent.

2. Set out all the ingredients for your child including utensils.

3. Start with the nut butter. Have your child spread a layer onto one side of bread.

PB Apple Sandwich Mixed Nut Butter

4. Add the chocolate spread to the other side of bread.

PB Apple Sandwich Chocolate Spread

5. Set the apples onto one side of bread. My son chose to put them on both slices and we worked with it.

PB Apple Sandwich Apple Slices

6. Make a sandwich by flipping one side of bread onto the other (this works best when your child flips the piece that has no apple slices.)

PB Apple Sandwich Bread Layers

My son enjoys the combination of soft bread, gooey spreads, and crisp apples with buttery nut spread, sweet chocolate, and tart apples. It is so simple to make and delicious to eat. This sandwich uses grains, fruits, proteins, and a little bit of a treat. Serve with the rest of the apple, some dairy, and a vegetable.

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PB Apple Sandwich. Click the picture for the recipe.

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  1. Love PB & Apple sammies…so good! Perfect for picnics with my niece and nephews! =)

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