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Buried Treasure Pudding Treats

Buried Treasure Pudding Treat. Click the picture to get the tutorial.Pudding is such a fun and tasty treat and is so simple to make. We love doing fun food crafts with our pudding (like our 5 Fun Pudding Cups for Easter and Spring and our Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups.) My son is into pirates right now, so we decided to make Buried Treasure Pudding Treats.

These pudding cup treats are incredibly simple to make. It will indulge your child’s curiosity, work on motor skills, and help with problem solving. An “X” marks the spot! Your child will be able to dig for the buried treasure using his or her spoon shovel.

What You Need

  • Pudding (butterscotch or banana work great, but chocolate also works; you can even use yogurt instead)
  • A piece of candy or small toy (make sure your child is old enough to understand not to eat the toy or swallow the candy whole, but just to dig for it, as it could pose a choking hazard; also make sure whatever you bury is non-toxic)
  • Graham crackers or golden cream cookies
  • Red licorice string, red frosting, red decorating gel, or pieces of a strawberry
  • Black decorating gel or chocolate chips
  • Bowl
  • Plastic spoon (silver like a shovel is fun if you have it!)


1. Scoop the pudding into a bowl.

2. Hide the candy or toy somewhere in the pudding and push it down a ways (remember where you put it!) I hid jelly beans.

Buried Treasure Pudding Treat Step 13. Crush the cookies or graham crackers into a dust (like sand) and pile it on top of the pudding.

Buried Treasure Pudding Treat Step 24. Make a red “X” over where you put the candy or toy.

Buried Treasure Pudding Treat Step 35. Make it look like a map! Add a dashed line to the “X” using the gel or chocolate chips.

Buried Treasure Pudding Treat Step 46. Let your child use the spoon to dig out the treat and eat the pudding.

Buried Treasure Pudding Treat Step 5 Buried Treasure Pudding Treat Step 6

Bonus tip: Add sprinkles for decoration!

Buried Treasure Pudding. Click the picture to get the tutorial.

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-What treasure will you bury in your pudding? If you decide to do this project, I would love for you to share on my Facebook page or email me at [email protected]!


  1. Oh! YUM! This looks like such a fun Pudding to make with my niece and nephew. I like how nice it looks and I bet it tastes great. I will have to get the ingredients and make this!

  2. such a cute idea! I’d use a pretty big treat, no chance of having something happen – kids love things like this!

    • That’s a good idea. I was going to do a little chocolate kiss or something, but my son is old enough to know if something’s in there so we did jelly beans. He dug everything out then shared with his brother.

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