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DIY Frozen Yogurt Easter Egg Pops

frozen yogurt easter egg pops

We love frozen yogurt in our house, even more than ice cream (and it’s better for you!) Here is a fun froyo Easter treat that you can make–Frozen Yogurt Easter Egg Pops!

What You Need:

  • drill
  • lollipop sticks
  • plastic Easter eggs–you can find cheap ones for $1 or purchase BPA-free options for more
  • different flavors/colors of yogurt (we used Go-Gurt)
  • food coloring (optional)
  • tape
  • Cake frosting bags and plain frosting tips
  • empty egg carton
  • fruit snacks/jelly beans (optional)


1. Using a 5/32″ bit, carefully drill a hole in the bottom of your plastic Easter egg. Usually plastic eggs will already have a small hole, so I recommend just drilling on top of the hole that is already there.

frozen yogurt easter egg pops drilling
2. Using one of the lollipop sticks, test the hole for fit. The stick should fit in tightly to avoid any leaks when the yogurt expands.

3. Remove all rough edges and shavings from the drilled hole and wash and dry the Easter eggs thoroughly.  

4. Place a small piece of tape over any extra holes besides the one you drilled so the yogurt does not leak through.

frozen yogurt easter egg pops taping

5. Fill the eggs with yogurt with the sealed half of the egg down. I used Go-Gurt to fill them for fun colors and kid flavors, but you can try any yogurt. You can start filling before you seal the egg if you want to do more intricate designs or you can close the egg right away and fill from there. I used a cake frosting bag with a plain tip that fit into the hole and twisted around the egg to fill more evenly. Alternate colors for fun designs! If you don’t have several yogurt colors/flavors, use one drop of food coloring to change the color.

frozen yogurt easter egg pops filling

6. If you want, hide a jelly bean or fruit snack in the center of one of the eggs. Whoever finds the egg with a bean/fruit snack wins a prize!

frozen yogurt easter egg pops hidden treat

7. Carefully insert the lollipop stick into the hole you drilled. Take care not to stick it in too far where it touches the outside of the egg but make sure it is in far enough to hold the egg once it is frozen.

8. Place the eggs into an empty egg carton then place flat in the freezer. Freeze for a few hours or overnight until frozen completely.

frozen yogurt easter egg pops ready to freeze

9. Remove the plastic eggs from the outside. I found it most helpful to cut the hinge apart then slide off the top then the bottom and to warm the egg briefly in my hands to loosen it.

frozen yogurt easter egg pops in a basket

Tip: You can even leave the bottom plastic egg to catch drippings for less mess!

frozen yogurt easter egg pops with drip catcher

***For those of you worried about BPA: We still put little candies into plastic eggs at times and as far as I have researched, most Jell-O molds and popsicle containers are not BPA-free so I personally am not too worried. You can, however, find BPA-free Easter eggs if you choose to go that route or try to line the eggs first (I tried lining them but it was a pain)!

-Are you going to try this? What flavors will you use? Also, be sure to follow ;Arts & Crackers on social media (click the buttons on the top right of this page.)


  1. Hello from Maryland…Love this idea 🙂 We will definitely use this on a hot day….uh…thursday? Thank you!!!

    • Hi back from North Carolina! Thanks! Haha ya it was 90 degrees here the other day. These are a great way to cool off 🙂

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