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Deployment Freebies and Resources for Military Families

Deployments are difficult for the whole family.  There are many resources and non-profit organizations available that provide freebies, discounted products and support for deployed soldiers and their loved ones on the homefront during their time apart. Check out the list below! If you are looking for places to donate to military families, most of these accept donations as well!

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For the Deployed Soldier During Deployment

  • AdoptaPlatoon: This resource sends care packages to deployed troops of all branches.
  • Any Soldier: This resource sends packages to deployed troops NOT individuals. To qualify, you must be familiar with their Any Soldier concept in passing on the packages to troops that get little to no mail AND be Active Duty U.S. Military (of Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy, includes National Guard and Reservists on Active Duty) AND be stationed outside of the US AND have at least 4 months left in the country or on ship. You cannot apply until you are in the country. See the page for more details.
  • 2013-07-31 01.43.50Armed Services Ministry: This resource provides free Bible resources to the troops, Veterans and their families.
  • Bibles for America: This resource provides free study versions of the New Testament as well as other Bible resources to the troops and their families.
  • Books For Soldiers: This resource sends free books to deployed military.
  • eCarePackage.org: This resource provides support and packages (from sponsoring families) to “adopted” military families before, during, and after deployments. Also known as H.E.R.O.E.S. Care. To register for support, go here.
  • Everyone Serves: This is a free e-book that helps military families and their friends understand deployment and reintegration.
  • HeroBox: This resource sends care packages to deployed military and tries to fulfill items requested in the hero’s profile. You can register an entire unit for occasional bulk shipments as well as individuals for smaller, personal packages. HeroBox suggests you not only register your unit, but also each individual.
  • Magazines for the Troops: This resource sends boxes of various magazines to deployed troops. Titles may include but are not limited to Discover, National Geographic, Rifleman, Us, Car and Driver, People, Reader’s Digest and more. If your troop has a lot of women, they also send boxes of strictly women magazines. Family members requesting help are encouraged but not required to donate to help with the postage.
  • Military Devotional: This resource provides free downloadable devotional resources to the armed forces and veterans.
  • Military Match from Community Coffee: Send a signature package of four coffees to your active duty service member and Community Coffee will match your gift with another four packs of coffee AND a mug! Learn more here.
  • Military Missions: This resource provides care packages to registered deployed military. You can register a hero as a family member or friend.
  • Operation Care and Comfort: This resource sends care packages to “adopted” troops in conflict areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan once a month until they return.
  • Operation Courage is Beautiful: This resource provides personal and beauty care items to deployed servicewomen to “bring joy and femininity to their service lives.” To qualify, you need to be a currently deployed or soon-to-deploy US military servicewoman.
  • Operation Freedom Feet: This resource allows people to SEND Lemongrass Spa Packages to military servicewomen overseas (in areas such as Afghanistan, Japan, Germany, Iraq, Naval ships, and submarines.) You can send a kit to a soldier at random or a specific soldier by sponsoring one of the following kits: Freedom Feet Foot Kit (item T3920) for only $24 or a Freedom Feet Foot Kit with Mini-Bar Soap (item T3930) for only $29. Visit the “Making a Difference” section of the website. 
  • Operation Gratitude: This resource provides care packages to deployed military in combat environments who receive combat pay. Both individuals and groups can qualify.
  • Operation Hi Honey (Operation Hi Mom): This resource from Canvas On Demand allows deployed men and women to send a free 16″x20″ PixelPainted canvas print of a favorite photo to their spouses for their anniversaries or to their moms for Mother’s Day. Recipients are chosen weekly at random from applicants. Be sure to apply at least 6 weeks before the event.
  • Operation Shoebox: This resource provides care packages to individuals, platoons, units and battalions who are deployed. They also have other programs that send Christmas goodies, assign classrooms to troops that they will write, set up pen pals and more!
  • Operation Troop Appreciation: This resource allows deployed troops to fill out request forms for items they are in need or want of to be given to each individual in the unit or shared by all. Individual requests are not accepted.
  • Soldier’s Angels: This resource sends cards, letters and care packages to “adopted” deployed soldiers of all branches who. If your soldier is already receiving regular care packages, they do not qualify as this is to reach out to those who are not currently being supported, however, if you would still like non-adopted help, you can contact them. There are also programs for wounded warriors and veterans.
  • Soldier’s Bible Ministry: This resource provides complete Old and New Testament Bibles to the US and allied troops as well as study materials to the troops and their families.
  • Treat the Troops: This resource sends a variety of homemade cookies to deployed troops. Requests must be placed at least 2 months prior to the troop’s return date to ensure the cookies arrive before they leave.
  • USO & Rocketlife-Myphotoproducts.com: This resource allows military families to send a completely free 5×7 20-page softcover photo book to their deployed loved one.

For the Families During Deployment

  • Build-a-Sign: This resource provides families of deployed troops with free “Welcome Home” banners, jumbo cards and yard signs to show your support for your loved one.
  • eCarePackages.org: This resource provides support and packages (from sponsoring families) to “adopted” military families before, during, and after deployments. Also known as H.E.R.O.E.S. Care. To register for support, go here.
  • GreenCare/SnowCare: This resource from Project EverGreen provides lawn care and snow care to the families of deployed military members where there is a volunteer available.
  • HeartsApart: This resource provides free pre-deployment photos and newborn photos (to those whose deployed member cannot be home for the birth due to military obligations.) Military servicemen and women receive portraits printed on bi-folded waterproof and durable cards that they can carry with them. The family will receive a DVD with the session and rights to the photos.
  • Photo Credit: Kirsta Glaister Photography

    Photo Credit: Kirsta Glaister Photography

    Everyone Serves: This is a free e-book that helps military families and their friends understand deployment and reintegration.

  • Operation Homelink: This resource provides lower-paygrade units with refurbished computers (usually E5 and below) to keep in touch with their families. Individual requests are not accepted; chosen troops are selected by local companies who choose to partner and provide computers. If you know a company in your area who may be interested in making a donation, be sure to contact Operation Homelink.
  • Operation Love ReUnited: This resource provides up to two free photo sessions per year for families needing pre-deployment, saying goodbye, already deployed and homecoming pictures taken. All sessions have a patriotic theme and the service member must be in uniform. Pre-deployment photos will provide your deployed service member with a 4×6 album of at least 15 digital images. Goodbye photos provide a “final documentary-style” CD with at least 15 images on it to the family to decide what to do with. Homecoming photos will provide either a 4×6 album or CD with at least 15 photos. Check the site to find a registered photographer near you.
  • Sandy Cove Operation Oasis: This resource allows families a free stay including accommodations, meals, recreation, and a program (if scheduled) to any service member (including Reserves and National Guard) returning home from deployment as well as their immediate family members. One free visit per family. Not going on a deployment but part of a military family? You can get 10% off all program events. Sandy Cove Ministries also accepts donations.
  • The Cove: This resource will give financial assistance to attend a seminar to all military personnel (including National Guards and Reserves) who have previously deployed or could deploy in the future, along with their spouses. This includes a mountain retreat, trails, rooms, and food as well as time to renew your relationship with God and your spouse. Qualifying applicants can attend up to two events per year.
  • Yellow Ribbon Events: This resource sets up events for families of deployed military. The site states this is for Reserves and Guard, but our base provides this for all families with deployed loved ones so be sure to ask!
  • Ask Your Key Spouse: There are many other events on each base for families of deployed spouses. Ask your Key Spouse, watch for events on base, keep in touch with fellow spouses and talk to your readiness center to figure out what other events you can participate in! For instance, our base is having an ice cream social for the families with deployed loved ones just as a time to talk to other spouses going through the same tough times and to get out and have a little fun!

For the Spouses During Deployment

  • Everyone Serves: This is a free e-book that helps military families and their friends understand deployment and reintegration.
  • Full Circle Home: This resource allows deployed service members to send home special care packages to their wives and mothers for Christmas and Mother’s Day to show them they are loved and supported. Package requests are limited. These boxes include hand written notes, pampering products and more!
  • Give Parents a Break: This resource offers free childcare on certain days of the month during deployments so the spouse can get out and get some things done. I know this is offered for the Air Force and I saw something about it for the Army too so be sure to ask your readiness center for your branch. Currently this is halted due to the Furlough but it should start back up again sometime in October 2013.
  • Support Military Spouses: This resource gives Shoeboxes full of donated goodies to military spouses of active duty military. My friend and I just got one each when our husbands deployed and it was such a blessing. It was given to our husbands to give to us form the readiness center on our base. My box included things like encouraging cards, a New Testament, earrings, body wash, a free cookie from Chick-Fil-A and more! They also provide Pampering Packs and Caring Cards as well as devotionals, financial help and occupational opportunities.

For the Expectant Spouses During Deployment

  •  Operation Shower: This resource is for military families who are expecting a new baby during or just after a deployment. To qualify, you must have a spouse/partner who is currently deployed or deploying at some point during the pregnancy, be active duty with a group that is deploying or have a spouse/partner who was injured during a deployment. All branches are eligible. You will need to apply and if there is a baby shower in your area you will be contacted but you are not guaranteed a shower in your area. Moms who participate will receive a “Shower in a Box” that contains goodies donated by companies IMG_4113and organizations.
  • Operation Top Knot: This resource from Soldier’s Angels provides support to infants and pregnant mommies going through deployments. To qualify, you must have a deployed parent or active duty military servicewoman AND be expecting a child or have one under the age of two. If you are pregnant or a new mom in a special circumstance such as having a husband who is NOT deployed BUT is stateside/wounded/veteran you can qualify as well. If you do qualify, you will receive gifts in the mail near your due date month as will your new baby’s big brothers/big sisters. Your deployed service member will also receive an “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” bubble gum cigar at his deployed station. You must apply no earlier than 3 months prior to your due date.
  • Skype Baby: This resources is available at USO centers in countries of deployed soldiers and provides them with internet and Skyping abilities allowing them to “be there” for the birth of their new baby. My husband and I just used this and it was so comforting being able to see and hear him while I was going through a rough childbirth. My husband also received a USO baby onesie! The base he was at prior offered special “Daddy” shirts as well.
  • Star-Spangled Babies: This resource from Operation Homefront is for military families going through deployments or in need of financial assistance. To qualify in most locations, the expectant mommy must have a deployed, wounded, or junior/mid grade service members, however, qualifications may vary by location. Moms attending a shower will receive gifts that have been donated. To find a baby shower in your area, keep an eye on your local Operation Homefront website/Facebook page. Find your nearest location here.
  • Stork Vision Ultrasounds: This resource provides duplicate CD-ROMs of your 3D or 4D ultrasound to your deployed or soon-to-deploy spouse. Packages vary by Stork Vision locations and be sure to ask about a military discount on your ultrasound package.
  • 2013-11-04 11.34.01Tiny Tots: This brand new resource from the USO is currently available at bases in Southwest Asia (Afghanistan and Kuwait) upon request. It allows service members to send a “Welcome Baby” package home to their wife and infant. My husband and I were one of the first recipients of this wonderful program and found it such a blessing when a package arrived at my doorstep with USO baby gear and some baby essentials.

For the Kids During Deployments

  • Battalion Buddy Program: This resource from Operation Gratitude provides special teddy bears to children who have a military parent deployed/deploying overseas. Family Readiness Officers and battalion leaders, e-mail [email protected] for more information on requesting a Battalion Buddy package.
  • Daddy Dolls: This resource has dolls with photos of the child’s deployed parent, dog tags, blankets and more that you are able to purchase for your child.
  • Dog Tags for Kids: This resource sends engraved dog tags to children with a deployed parent. The dog tags say things like “With love from Dad, U.S. Air Force, Afghanistan 2013” and are requested by the service members to be sent to their children.
  • Operation Give a Hug: This resource gives dolls with a picture of the deployed parent’s face on it to children who have a parent deployed overseas.
  • Operation Purple: This resource for children/families going through deployments, reintegration, or coming together after injury, offers special programs such as summer camp, retreats and healing adventures.
  • A Story Before Bed: This resource allows the deployed or deploying parent to record a free digital book from selected titles for their children.
  • Sweet Dreams Picture Pillow Project: This resource sends pillow cases with a deployed mommy or daddy’s picture on it to children missing a parent. To qualify, one active duty parent must be deployed and away from home for over 3 months.
  • United Through Reading: This resource from the USO allows deployed parents to record themselves reading a children’s book onto a DVD which is sent to their kids. This program is only available at certain locations (listed here) but you can request the USO bring the program to another location not listed, but they recommend you send the request at least a few months prior to the deployment.

    united through reading book one harvest

    My son’s first United Through Reading book from Daddy

  • Check Your Readiness Center: Each base has their own freebies for deployments whether it is on base or a non-profit off base. Our base, for instance, has something at the Airman Family Readiness Center called REST where you can get a free pillow case with your deployed hero’s picture on it. This can be for you, for your Airman, for your children–they only ask you bring extra white pillow cases if you get more than one.

**Check out these other sites for more listings of deployment freebies and resources:

**Other things to take advantage of during deployments:

  • Don’t like your television providers, etc.? Many companies, such as Direct TV, will allow you early cancellation with no fees if you provide your orders.
  • 2013-07-25 09.39.52Have USAA insurance? Let them know your spouse is deploying and they will see if you qualify for discounts on your insurance plan while your loved one is away. Other companies may do this as well for military families so be sure to ask!
  • Have a smartphone? We just started using the Voxer app on our Androids! This is a free app that your loved one can use to send text messages, audio messages and photos. Your phone doesn’t need to have service so you won’t have to pay the outrageous long-distance texting or calling fees. As long as your deployed loved one has WiFi available, you’re golden! It may not work perfectly and sometimes lags due to the time difference, but this app has been such a blessing to us as Skype does not often work too great where my husband is at. Another app we just started using that I love is the FREE magicJack app! This app allows you to make free phone calls to US and Canadian numbers as well as to other magicJack users! You can use this app for free without an account, or you can sign up for a free account to receive your own magicJack number (that you can give to friends and family if they have the app as well or so they can save it in their contacts to know when you’re calling) as well as voicemail! Pairs best with WiFi or 4G (my husband uses WiFi so it doesn’t use his data.) So far the quality has been great!
  • Need Shipping Boxes? You can order free large (12″x12″x5.5″) flat rate shipping boxes (to APOs) from USPS.com. They come in packs of 10 or 25. The current flat rate shipping price is $14.85 but you can get this price down to only $13.30 when you print the label at home using Click-N-Ship! You will need to fill out a customs form which can be tricky, so if you have any issues, just call 1-800-ASK-USPS. They are very helpful. Calculate your postage to the zip code provided and it will show you a list of items that are not allowed to that zip code (I.E. pork products, alcohol, etc.) When you are ready to print your label, go here and you will select UNITED STATES for APO addresses and the state will be AA, AE or AP (look at the last letter given to you behind APO, I.E. APOE would be AE.) You will then select large flat rate and the price will adjust accordingly for the APO.
Disclaimer: I have not tried all of these, simply found them online doing research. 
If you choose to apply for any of these, you should do your own research about the 
ones you'd like to apply for to make sure you know the extra details and requirements. 
Please be kind to the rules provided in each as well.

–Know of any other programs local to your area or specific to your military branch? Share below in the comments! I’d love to “meet” my military families. Post up a photo of your military family on my Facebook wall and let me know what branch you represent!



  1. Operation Gratitude

    The information regarding Battalion Buddy Package requests above is incorrect. The form you’ve linked to is for deployed troops requesting care packages.

    Find more information about our Battalion Buddy Program here: https://opgrat.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/introducing-our-brand-new-battalion-buddies/

    Family Readiness Officers and battalion leaders wishing to request Battalion Buddy packages should send an email to [email protected] for more information.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks! I clarified it. I put a link to the form because it showed the email to contact for the Battalion Buddies but I corrected my post to direct to the link you provided and just posted the email to contact. Thanks 🙂

  2. Thank you for spreading the word!

    Support Military Spouses is giving away 500 Shoebox Gifts to Seymour Johnson AFB Spouses Friday, May 16 @ 10am-6pm North Carolina Community Federal Credit Union

    This website is a great way to inform spouses about events and resources. We hope you’ll continue to post about our events

    Thank You!

    • No problem! Thank you for a great program! I am excited to receive my box 🙂 I received one last year as well when my husband was deploying and it was such a blessing.

  3. HUGGS TO GO LLC has helped well over 600,000 children of deployed parents. We are honored to help and support all. Please contact us toll-free at 1-888-hugtogo (484-8646) or email us at [email protected] so we can continue to help keep loved ones connected to the ones they love. http://www.huggeemissyou.com

    • Thank you for sharing, Audrey. I know you have these available for purchase; do you offer any special freebies or discounts for military families facing deployment or remote tours?

  4. Thank you for this information! My husband’s friend was just asking about this.

  5. Tami Vollenweider

    Wow! You have so any great links for anybody in the Military! I think their forgotten and everybody needs to step up and help them!!

  6. So glad to see that you included The Cove! That is a fantastic gift the Graham family has given to service members. My wife and I have been there 4 times and each time has taught us something new and made our connection even stronger.

    Sadly, I am now working as a civilian contractor for the DoD and I’m “deployed” for a year but I have yet to find services that offer things to the civilians making the same sacrifices.

    Great post with some really awesome resources!

    • Hi Paul, thank you for sharing your experience! I have never been there personally, but have heard it’s lovely. We didn’t have a chance surrounding my husband’s last couple deployoments.

      As for the civilian end, start reaching out to some of these companies and ask them! I know a few of these included Guard and that, so they may include you. I think a lot of people and organizations just really don’t understand how it all works and would love to support if they knew it was needed 🙂

  7. If your website is updated, I would suggest adding Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc to your list. (bluestarmothers.org) Our organization has been serving our deployed servicemen nation wide since WWII, and still continue sending boxes monthly, along with many other avenues that we serve within the military community. Great website!

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