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Rosetta Stone Kids Online Reading Program

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Rosetta Stone Kids Reading ProgramMy son is a little over the age of 4 and I have been slowly and surely attempting to work with him on his reading. He is familiar with letters and the sounds they make and can figure out some short words that use Phonics, but I have a hard time holding his attention and he does not know many sight words. Recently, I learned about the Rosetta Stone Kids Online Reading Program (#RSKids ) so we have started using this for him. I have used their foreign language programs before and they have a great reputation for teaching languages, so I was so excited to hear they had developed reading program.

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Technology for kids has given me mixed feelings, if I am honest. I do understand the concern of using technology too often or relying just on technology, but I also see how beneficial it can be. Personally, I choose to use technology in limited amounts. I have seen my little one learn so much from his favorite educational TV shows, things I can teach him, but he soaks in so much more when an interactive show is teaching him. More recently, we have been trying out different online programs so he can learn how to use a mouse (this seems to be very important this day in age) and it is interactive so it keeps his attention so he grasps a lot more than when I teach him.

My son had a great time trying out the Rosetta Stone reading program. He has a very short attention span and they recommend use for only 10-15 minutes a few days a week for his age group (30-40 minute intervals is recommended for kids over 4), and I have found this limit is perfect for him. He has been working on lessons for sight words and identifying the first letter of a given word. The Rosetta Stone program has vibrant colors that help grab attention and several games to help learn different aspects of reading. The games repeat the content several times to help your child get a lot of practice. My son works through the program with a lot of giggles and excitement and loved picking his favorite “Lingo” character!

Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program MapDid you know that more than 47% of children in the USA are reading below grade-level? This program, developed by Rosetta Stone with the help of those at Lexia Learning, is designed for children ages 3-7. It teaches core learning skills and in such an exciting way.

Since starting the Rosetta Stone reading program about 2 weeks ago, my son has been getting a little better with some of his sight words such as “is”, “the”, and “here.” While he still has troubles, we have been going back to revisit those as the repetition helps them to really stick.

Use this link to try the first level of the Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program for free.

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-How do you feel about using technology for education?


  1. I love their language program – I did not know that they made a reading program for kids! Thanks for sharing 😀

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