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Nuby No-Spill Nickelodeon Printed Flip-it Cup Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

nuby sippy cup nickelodeon in useEven though my son is now three years old, he can be a pretty messy drinker so we tend to use cups with lids and straws. Most of these, however, still spill all over the place. We tried out the No-Spill Nickelodeon Printed Flip-it cups (see the designs here)  from Nuby and I really like them!

My son loves the fun designs from favorite Nickelodeon characters: Dora, Diego and SpongeBob. He quickly figured out how to close the lid to the straw so he closes it when he is done drinking–just one more measure that helps prevent spills, especially on the go! The cup is easy for my son to use and even though it is for ages 12 months+, he still feels like a big boy using it at age 3.

nuby sippy cup nickelodeonThe NubyNo-Spill Nickelodeon Printed Flip-it cups are Mommy approved too! These cups are BPA free so I do not have to concern myself with the safety of my children while they use their cups. Each cup is Step 3 in getting your children onto a regular drinking straw and helps to improve oral and drinking action development for your little one as he or she moves up to a big kid straw. I will be using this product for my new baby boy once he is old enough to transition as I know how great this product is and will help him with a quicker transition. The Flip-it cup holds 10oz (300ml) which is perfect for children and allows them to have enough of their drink available that you do not need to refill constantly but not too much that the beverage goes to waste. The cup comes apart into 5 pieces as well which makes for easy cleaning!

nuby sippy cup nickelodeon lidNuby No-Spill Flip-it cups really do well at not leaking, even with the straw exposed. Of course I had to test it by shaking the cup upside down with various liquids inside. The ONLY thing that I had a hard time with (possibly because my son is older) was my son figuring out that if he did not drink the liquid all the way up, they would stay in the top of the straw rather than falling back down inside so my son could pull the straw back and fling liquid. This has happened with many of the cups we have gotten in the past similar to this style so it is not a design flaw or anything, just something to teach your kids NOT to do. My boy tends to get excited and knock cups over and we have not yet had any actual spills with this cup even after it has fallen quite a distance. Because of this awesome no-spill feature, I do not mind my son using this cup in the van because if he drops it and I cannot reach back to pick it up, I do not have to worry about cleaning up a pool of apple juice from the carpet once we stop!

nuby sippy cup nickelodeon belongs toOne more feature I love on this cup is the special place to write your child’s name! I often forget to write names on our cups and send my son to nursery with them unmarked. Usually we are ok in a small group setting, however when there are more kids I know how easy it is to confuse whose cup is whose and germs can be spread. I love the reminder and that it flows with the cups printed design so the name is easy to spot.

You can purchase the Nuby No-Spill Nickelodeon Printed Flip-it Step 3 drinking straw cup from www.BuyBabyDirect.com, www.amazon.com, www.dollargeneral.com, Tuesday Morning and DD’s Discounts.

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