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craftcuts wall clockI saw a similar photo wall clock to this a while back on Snapfish’s Facebook page and thought I would make my own version. This is a great, fun, unique project for your home and it could save you some money on a large wall clock. Of course the price will be different for everyone depending on if you choose to have words, how many you choose to have, what discounts you get, how many frames you already have…the list goes on. Here is what I got:

  • 12 mix-match frames (some that I had, some that I purchased ranging from $1 to $5)
  • 12 photo prints–I used a mixture of 4×6 and 5×7, but to save some money you could use 4×6 in each when you get free prints and just put borders around the pictures that have larger frames
  • 12 numbers for us to hold (I cut them out of cardboard boxes and spray painted them but you could also purchase wooden letters to make them cleaner)
  • Lettering from here
  • Large clock hour and minute hand piece (purchased at Hobby Lobby…regular price $40 but we found it on sale 50% off or you could use their 40% off coupon to save money if it is not on sale)

large wall clock gear1) You will need to find where you want to mount the minute/hour piece. Make sure you have enough room for this large clock! Ours is over half the height of the wall.

2) Find out where you need to hang your frames. There is a positioning paper piece in the clock kit to make this easier. Measure to make sure you go straight out; point the minute hand out to make sure the frame is far enough out after being hung so they do not get hit; hand the key hours first (3, 6, 9, 12) and eyeball the rest. If you are using different sized and shape frames, make sure you take that into consideration when hanging them. Personally, I used larger frames for the key hours and hung the 3 and 9 hour frames horizontally to make it even quicker to tell what time it is.

large wall clock gear 23) Take your photos for each of the hours and place them into the frames. We took various family photos all holding a number; however you can always add landscape pictures, family pictures with no numbers (or you can add them later in Photoshop or tape/glue them to the photo,) frames with just the numbers, whatever you choose. If you need different size or prints in different directions, be sure to keep a list so you have them all printed properly and do not have to try over again. Once this is done, you can put your photos in the frames and hang them.

4) If you choose to have lettering, now is the time. We used Baltic Birch letters and stuck them to the wall with double-sided wall mounting tape. You could also try wall vinyl lettering which you can find at most craft stores (don’t forget to use their coupons to save money!) as well as and some other online companies.

Your wall clock is done!

Enjoy your personalized decoration and “make the most of the time you have”! Here is an idea for an alternate large wall clock: rather than using hanging photo frames, use small shelves and on each shelf either put a frame or a wooden free-standing number! You can always put a small frame AND the wooden number, the numbers and small vases with fabric flowers, or any trinkets that fit your décor!

–Are you going to do this? Post up your photos on my Facebook wall!

Written by Alyssa Darby

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  1. How did you manage to undo and still “keep together” the actual clock?

    • Moon, the can’t actually keep the clock fully in tact as it is all individual pieces, however, you will still have all the pieces (the frames and the hands and keep the piece of paper that it gives for the guidelines and you should be able to set it up again no problem 🙂 Sorry it took so long to respond. This have been crazy these past few weeks and I haven’t gotten on.

  2. Hi there! I have been looking for how to do this in my home. I was curious as to the name of the clock kit at Hobby Lobby? I’d like to buy this.

    • Sheswrite, it’s made by “Clock Shoppe.” It was $49.99 at the time I made the purchase but was on sale for 50% off (or you can use the 40% coupons they have to save some money if it isn’t on sale.)

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  4. Oh wow! My favorite part is that you took pictures of yourselves holding numbers! That was super clever!! My second favorite part is that your “follow me” buttons are CHEESE ITS!!!! Omg, that is classic and now I’m hungry!! HAHA!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! It will be on my wall! It won’t say the same thing, but it will have the same sentiment! Thanks for sharing such a great idea Alyssa!

    • Thanks Linda! I love this too. We are going to be moving but I am definitely putting this back up in the new house 🙂 Glad you liked it! I’d love if you could share a picture on my Facebook wall when your project is complete!

  6. Wonderful idea! Does this clock have a ticking sound?

    • Thanks Geoff! I have not noticed any that is very obvious but I suppose it depends on what gear you purchase.

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  9. Love it! Especially how the pictures are of you and your family holding the numbers!

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