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5 Laundry Uses for Downy Fabric Conditioner

Keeping our laundry in good condition and comfortable is important, so we are happy to partner with SheSpeaks and Downy for this post.

P.U.. That’s what I say a lot of times I when I catch a whiff of my husband’s uniforms or our boys’ stinky blankets. My boys like to add a touch of Downy Fabric Conditioner to their smelly loads to help with the odor while keeping the fabric soft, but did you know that does even more than just soften your laundry? Here are 5 uses for Downy.

Now, I’ll be honest. I rarely get scented laundry products, due to my allergies. I’d usually get the Free & Clear Downy products, but sometimes our wash gets extra smelly and we use the scented kind. Plus, my husband really likes the added scent.


Here are 5 ways to use Downy Fabric Conditioner. Did you know it does more than just soften fabric? Laundry | Fabric | Wash | Chores | Homemaking | ProductsGreat for Pinning Image Pin It Button


We use Downy Fabric Conditioner for:

  • My husband’s uniforms
  • The kids’ blankets


It works great on clothing too, but I can only use the Free & Clear for that. You can purchase Downy Fabric Conditioner at Walmart.


Downy Fabric Conditioner


What are the 5 uses for Downy that I was talking about above?


1. Softer Fabric

Okay, so this one is a given and I mentioned it above, but it really does help make clothes touchable and cuddly. You really won’t let go when you pull them from the dryer–warm and soft. This is great for stiff fabric like military uniforms, blankets, and towels.


2. Fresh Scent

If you get the scented variety displayed in this post, it can help infuse your clothing with a light and fresh scent. A light scent can be a calming touch for blankets and a lifesaver when those stinky loads go through (or if you’re like me and forget to move the wash to the dryer and it gets a bad odor.).


3. Outfits Keep Their Form Form

Have you ever washed an outfit and it totally shrunk and got all funky? Bought something that looked great on you before you washed it, then it just didn’t quite fit and look…normal…afterwards? Ya, happens to us all the time, especially with my husband’s uniforms, due to the fabric they are made from. Downy helps clothes to bounce back to how they were when you bought them and even reduces wrinkles!


Laundry Care


4. Pill Prevention

Pills on fabric…they bother me so much! Don’t they bother you? Sometimes I feel like the Princess and the Pea when I try drying off with a pilly towel or wrap myself in a pilly blanket. Good news! Downy Fabric Conditioner helps prevent those pesky pills!


5. Laundry Fade Resist

Have you ever purchased, let’s say, a red shirt and, after a few washes, that shirt starts looking more like a shade of pink? Downy also helps prevent against fading, keeping clothing its true color, how you bought it.


So how, you ask, does Downy manage all of this for your laundry? The answer lies with science. Due to the makeup of Downy Fabric Conditioner, the fibers of your fabric are all lubricated, strengthening and conditioning the fabric to help it withstand friction and agitation caused by the washer and dryer.


Here’s a fun and…slightly dorky…video I attempted to put together while the kids were still awake. I explain a little further how Downy helps our clothing and blankets. Enjoy!



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I’d love to hear from you–do you use fabric conditioner? What is your favorite benefit of using it?


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  1. I love to use Downy. It makes my clothes soft and wrinkle free

  2. I love using fabric softener because it makes my clothes smell so good and makes the towels and sheets so soft! I like using it on my jeans because they come out so soft instead of rough and wrinkled!

  3. I have never used Downy Fabric Conditioner before. I need to try it out. It would be great if it helps your clothes last longer.

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