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String Cheese Road Trip Games with FREE Printables

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We love going on road trips, often to go back home to visit family in other states. Of course, with children, car rides can sometimes feel like they are dragging on and on. One wonderful way to pass the time is to participate in road trip activities together.

Some of our favorites include singing songs and playing games (which will be a little easier once the kids are older, but we still find simple games to play now.)

Keep busy on road trips with these free printable string cheese road trip games. Your children will love these road trip activities. ad
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Frigo String Cheese

Because road trips can take a while and leave you hungry, we like to pack some nutritious snacks to curb our appetites between meals. How fun would it be to include printable road trip games with one of those snacks?! Inspired by the Frigo® Cheese Heads®‘s Unforgettable String Break promotion,I made a few printable road trip games that can be attached to your string cheese wrappers!

This is simple and so much fun. Print out a few different ones and attach them ahead of time so your kids can be surprised when they look at the game included!

These games will help you create great family road trip memories, especially with Spring Break coming up.

I have included three different games for you to print out:

  • BINGO (labelled “FRIGO” to stick with the string cheese theme)
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Road Trip Checklist board game


I left the spots blank so you and your children can fill in the spaces and make different boards for each road trip. You can pre-fill the spots before you attach them to the string cheese wrapper if you wish, rather than having your children do it.

Five in a row wins!

The center space is a freebie. I have included some ideas of things to fill into your game boards. Some other ideas include: U-turn sign, trailer of horses, an RV, fast food play place, orange cones.

String Cheese Road Trip Games Bingo

Scavenger Hunt

This is a checklist of things you might spot on your trip. Check off as many as you can! If you want to do this as a challenge, you can race to see who completes the Scavenger Hunt first or who checks off the most items.

String Cheese Road Trip Games Scavenger Hunt

Road Trip Checklist Board Game

This game encourages you to get the most out of your road trip by participating in activities like eating healthy snacks (like Frigo® Cheese Heads® string cheese), singing songs as a family, and learning new facts about the places you travel through. Make it all the way to the finish for a memorable road trip.

String Cheese Road Trip Games

Here’s how I attached the printable games so they look adorably fun:

The printable road trip games can be attached to the string cheese wrappers in a very fun and simple way. You can roll them around and tie them on so they look like a scroll or you can try the following:

1. Cut out the games and fold them like a fan to the width of the back of the string cheese wrapper. You should be able to fold them about five times.

String Cheese Road Trip Games 1

Download Your Free Printable Travel Games

2. Fold small pieces of tape back onto itself to make sticky loops and attach the back end of the paper onto the flat part of the string cheese wrapper.

String Cheese Road Trip Games 2

Flip the string cheese over and slide a string (ribbon, yarn, twine, etc.) underneath and tie it into a bow so the game stays put.

String Cheese Road Trip Games 3

3. When it’s time to enjoy a snack, your children can untie the bow and play the attached game as they eat.

String Cheese Road Trip Games 4

What is your favorite road trip game/activity? Do you have any great family road trip memories? Let me know in the comments below! I want to hear from you!

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