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Frozen-Inspired Handprint Olaf and Winter Shadow Box

Frozen Inspired Olaf Handprint CraftThe Disney movie Frozen is HUGE right now! We enjoy the movie and especially love Olaf, so we wanted to do an Olaf craft. We decided to make one today using E’s handprint. This Frozen-Inspired Handprint Olaf is such a fun project to do with your kids and hang to decorate your home for Winter. The handprint art also makes it a great keepsake!

What You Need

  • Light blue construction paper
  • White paint (I used acrylic, but anything non-toxic and washable is good)
  • Paint brush (large for the palms and small for the details)
  • Brown Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Orange Paint
  • Three small black pom poms
  • Glue


1. Start your handprint Olaf by painting your child’s palm completely with white paint. I put it on very thick to get as full a handprint as possible.

Olaf Handprint Snowman Painted Palms

2. Have your child bring all of his/her fingers together and press his/her hand palm down near the top of the page. Lightly push your child’s hand onto the paper to make sure the full imprint is left.

Olaf Handprint Snowman Making Print

3. Using more white paint, add a little torso, large base and some little feet. 

Olaf Handprint Snowman Body

4. Let the paint dry a little bit then paint on an orange carrot nose.

Olaf Handprint Snowman Carrot Nose

5. Use the brown to paint the twig hair and arms.

Olaf Handprint Snowman Twigs

6. Now use the black to paint ovals for the eyes then fill them in with white.

Olaf Handprint Snowman Eyes

7. Mix a little bit of black into the brown and paint on the eyebrows.

Olaf Handprint Snowman Eyebrows

8. Now to the smile. Mix a little black with the white to make gray and paint the mouth leaving the teeth space white. Lightly outline the mouth with black then fill in the teeth with more white.

Olaf Handprint Snowman Mouth

9. Once the paint for the eyes has dried, add the black pupils.

Olaf Handprint Snowman Face

10. Glue on three black pom poms to make the buttons. Decorate the scenery around Olaf if you wish!

Olaf Handprint Snowman Buttons

My son LOVED making this handprint art!

Olaf Handprint Snowman Displayed on Fridge

Bonus tip: Do you have a shadow box? How cute is this winter shadow box?! Add your Handprint Olaf, some fake snow, tinsel and dangling snowflake or icicle ornaments, and some Clothespin Evergreen Trees cut out by your little one. Make sure you add the year somewhere whether it is on the back, the glass, or little blocks inside. What a great keepsake with your child’s handprint and the trees cut by that adorable little hand!

Olaf Handprint Snowman Winter Shadow Box

-Who is your favorite Disney Frozen character? Where will you hang your wall art? Be sure to take pictures and share them on my Facebook page!


  1. Really cute project. So creative.

  2. So cute! Any ideas for Sven? No pressure…lol

  3. I love this Olaf project, it turned out very cute!!! Your super creative!

  4. So cute! We love Olaf and just made our own Frozen-inspired craft this week!

  5. Love this — such a dramatic result!

  6. OMG that is super cute. My 3 year old is going to freak out when I show him this, he loves Frozen and Olaf.

  7. You are so talented! Seriously AWESOME!

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