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Clothespin Evergreen Trees

Clothespin Evergreen TreesChristmas is one of my favorite times of year. Of course, there are several reasons for this, but one of the biggest reasons is that I LOVE to decorate!

Each year I try to do a different theme and create different crafts with my family. I decided to make a very simple (and adorable) craft this year–Clothespin Evergreen Trees! You do not need to be “crafty” in the slightest to make these and they make cute additions to your Christmas decor. 

I just made these trees simple and have them decorating a shelf (see my #shelfie below), but you can put a magnet on the back and stick them to the refrigerator, use them to liven up your Christmas village, or add strings and hang them from your Christmas tree! (Also pictured below: Toddler Outdoor Canvas Painting Project.)

Clothespin Evergreen Tree on Shelf

What You Need

  • Green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • White paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Clothespins (the kind with springs)


1. Cut triangles from the construction paper. I laid the clothespin on top of the paper where it would be clipping to gauge how big I needed the triangles to be.

Clothespin Evergreen Trees Cut Out Triangles

2. Using the white paint, add “snow” stripes to show the layers of the tree. I did not use straight lines so it looks more like branches with snow, but you can do stripes or polka dots or full-on decorate the tree, it’s up to you!

Clothespin Evergreen Trees Painting

3. Once the paint dries, clip the clothespin onto the bottom middle. Make sure the clothespins are not broken or they will not stand up properly. 

Clothespin Evergreen Tree Complete

Bonus tip: Draw the triangles onto paper and let your child cut them out! This is a great exercise for proper use of scissors and working on those fine motor skills. My son did not cut these for me as he was “crafted out” at the time, but we will be making more later! You can also let your child do the decorating to make it even more special.

Clothespin Evergreen Tree DIY Winter Decorations

-Where will you put your Clothespin Evergreen Trees? Be sure to take pictures and share them on my Facebook page!


  1. I love how simple that concept is! And I love how prominently you display your childrens’ artwork… 🙂

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