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Simple Crafty Baby Gender Reveal Idea–It’s a Boy!

I love to come up with cute ways to announce important news–it is so important to me and getting creative makes me so happy. My latest was the gender reveal of our little baby.

Of course it was difficult to wait to tell everyone, especially with texts and messages flooding in even before I arrived at my ultrasound appointment. Somehow I managed to hold my crafty self off to make the moment unique.


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I mixed two different announcement ideas into one for this simple crafty baby gender reveal idea…

The simplest was painting my nails the typical “gender-specific color” and writing the gender on them (I used the Sally Hansen nail pens but you could always use a toothpick) to make it super obvious.

The other craft I chose to make was a gender-reveal a t-shirt! This was a maternity t-shirt that I got for free at Target after coupons a while back (when you could get free clothing) and since I have multiple I decided I would give decorating it a shot! I have seen all the shirts that say “I’m with stupid” or “I’m with him,” pointing to the person next to them…these aren’t my favorite, especially because anyone can be standing on that side next to you haha. I thought it would be even more appropriate for a baby since I am “with child,” adding the words “I’m with him” (since we knew the gender) and adding an arrow pointing down…see, this makes way more sense because he’s not going to move from there until he’s born, so it won’t accidentally point at some random stranger. If you just want to make the shirt to announce that you’re pregnant, putting “I’m with child” would be proper as well, but since we found out the gender we stuck with that.

When making the shirt, I used fabric paint stamps that we purchased at Michaels. They were on clearance so I am not sure how easy those would be to find, but basically they are just foam stamps with a hard back that you paint with fabric paint and stick on your cloth then let dry. For the hand I used a Crayola fabric marker and drew it pointing at my stomach. We use Crayola because they don’t wash out like other brands we have tried. If you can’t draw these by hand or find the stamps, here are some other things you could try: puffy fabric paint, hand-painting with fabric paint and a brush, iron-on letters and sew on a glove, make a design on your computer and print it onto fabric transfer paper so you can iron it onto your shirt.

Are you going to do this? Are you having a boy or a girl?

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