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8 Quick Tips to Transform Your Home Decor

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Renuzit and Homegoods 8 Quick Tips to Transform Your Home Decor. Click here to read more.Spring is known for two main things–cleaning and newness of life. How about giving your house a clean new look? It is simpler than you may think. Below you will find 8 quick tips to transform your home decor.

Ever since I was little, I aspired to be an interior decorator. I would draw up mocks of rooms, imagine all the fun design changes and things I would make, and even execute a few ideas! Now that I have a home, I love being able to keep up with my interior design passion. Even without a ton of decorating funds, there are tons of quick ways to update your home on a budget.

Renuzit has these new Pearls Scents that look gorgeous placed here and there around your home and they smell great too. I loved incorporating them into my home as I completed my simple makeover. Watch for more about Renuzit Pearls Scents in an upcoming review (and giveaway) post.

We were able to go to Homegoods and found that they have a ton of great products at affordable prices. There is something there for just about everyone. 

1. Consider the Inhabitants

Renuzit 8 Quick Tips to Transform Your Home Decor Glass With KidsWhat I mean by this is that you have to consider who you have in your house. Do you have toddlers? Pets? You may want to pass on buying that gorgeous blown glass bowl. In the long run, it will cost you less as you will not have to replace it. Instead, go for something that is less breakable like a wooden sculpture or an artificial potted plant.

2. Be Bold, Be Bright

Renuzit 8 Quick Tips to Transform Your Home Decor Coordinating ColorsIf your house just feels boring–white walls, solid color couches, plain wood table–you can liven things up with a splash of color and some interesting patterns and textures. Renuzit Pearls are great for adding a subtle touch of color to most any living area.

Colors can be very intimidating. How do you know if you are choosing colors that go together? What if they clash with what I already have at home? If you want your decor to be fun and interesting, you will want to use more than one or two colors. Choose one or two colors as your main colors (perhaps blue and yellow) and add one or two larger accent colors (black furniture and small black accents on fabric, red flowers) and even one or two very minute accent colors that are just in your patterns, but really no where else in your decor.

color-wheel-colors-that-go-together-with-based-on-the-wheel-there-are-a-few-basic-rules-to-match-colorsBlack and white go with just about anything. Browns are neutral and also go with just about anything, though you will find some combinations can be unappealing at times (brown with red, brown with yellow.) For more help with complimentary colors, read more at fannix.co. Consider using contrasting colors as well (reds and greens, oranges and blues, purples and yellows), though you should keep these at a minimum.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Patterns

Go ahead and use a few patterns to make things more interesting, but consider what you are combining. Do they have colors in common? Are they both bold? Typically, you will not use two bold patterns together in the same design. Some designers can get away with it, but I would not suggest trying this if you are just starting out. An example would be two throw pillows with busy floral patterns. Instead, add floral throw pillows with chevron, stripe, or polka dot patterns that have coordinating color schemes.

NOT THE BEST:Renuzit 8 Quick Tips to Transform Your Home Decor Clashing Materials


Renuzit 8 Quick Tips to Transform Your Home Decor Patterns and TexturesPerhaps the table could use a floral table runner. Maybe the couches could use some floral and chevron throw pillows. Add a small, patterned accent rug to the middle of the living room and some colorful paintings on the walls.

4. Add an Accent Table and Mirrors

Renuzit Add Accent Table and MirrorsYou can make a bold statement in almost any room just by adding an accent table and a mirror. Mirrors will give the appearance that a room is bigger than it actually is and tables are an opportunity for more counter space, storage room, and a conversation piece. There’s no need for an expensive table. I saw accent tables for as low as $40 at Homegoods.

I chose a color that made me smile and topped it off with Renuzit Pearls Scents, some patterned fabric, and a flower arrangement. I even hung some mirrors above to expand the design to a broader area. Rather than staying focused on just the accent table, your eyes are drawn to enjoy more of the entryway.

5. Organize and Prioritize

You can decorate your home beautifully all you want, but if it is cluttered and disorganized your makeover will be to no avail. Consider purging your home of some unneeded items and purchasing some simple same day payday loans storage/organizer containers like wicker baskets and storage ottomans. My entryway accent table also works well because I can store away mail in the little drawer.

Renuzit Homegoods Quick Home Makeover6. Give it a Personal Touch

Make your house feel like home. Put your heart into it. What matters most is the people you love, so find a way to incorporate that, whether it’s picture frames or hand-painted artwork. Let your personality shine. If you don’t know your style, try the HomeGoods Stylescope tool.

7. Keep it Simple

Once you get started decorating, it is easy to go overboard. Remember to keep it simple. Not only will this prevent your house from becoming cluttered and disorganized and busy, it will also save you money. Be thoughtful in the selections that you make. There is a fine line between interesting and busy.

Renuzit Pearls  Scents for the Home8. Think Outside the House

Decorating inside is fine and dandy, but have you considered adding some decorations outside too? After all, the outside will be your guests’ first impression of your house. Plant a few flowers, add some adorable stone garden statues and blown glass decorations, and toss a few throw pillows on your patio furniture. You can see more of my ongoing Blueberry Lemonade Chic Patio Makeover project HERE.

Renuzit 8 Quick Tips to Transform Your Home Decor. Click the picture to read more.

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  1. I think you did a lovely job redecorating that space. And, a great way to show the renuizut off. That table is adorable.

  2. Great tips! It definitely motivates me to tackle a couple problem areas in my house!

  3. Kristin Roth Williams

    I love how you came up with something so simple but it looks so good!

  4. These are great tips. I like to keep it simple when decorate my house

  5. Your ideas are inspiring – it doesn’t require taking out a loan or giving up doing anything else b/c of the scale of the project – it sounds fun, and I feel encouraged to try to not be so timid in my choices!

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