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How We Brightened Our Room with New Curtains

I love interior design and am excited to partner with Budget Blinds to share these great decorating tips with you.

It is amazing sometimes what one small change can accomplish. A prime example of this would be our recent window treatment updates in our bedroom when we hung our new curtains from Budget Blinds.


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The curtains we had on our windows before were decent, because they would do a pretty good job at blacking out the room for bedtime, but I wanted something different.

Here’s before:


Curtains Before


We chose the Essential Linens panels with grommets. You can see that the linens have a nice texture. The grommets come in three different finishes; we chose the smoke finish.


New Curtains 2 New Curtains 10


Check it out now with the new curtains!


I love these because it helps the curtains glide smoothly along the rod, so we can very easily move the curtains back and forth. Our old curtains would only open about 1 foot each way, so I love that we can really open up our windows and let the sun shine in now.


New Curtains 3


You might have noticed that we have two curtain colors on our window! We needed four panels, so I wanted to do something that would make a statement and be a little more interesting than all the same color. We picked out two in Sterling Gray and two in Spa Blue.


New Curtains 4


The Essential Linens curtains were a bit thinner liner than I had expected, as I was imaging a heavier linen, but I really like the amount of light that comes through. It does have a white backing on it that reflects the light and it definitely made a difference on how much light was coming through, which is just what we need for nighttime.


New Curtains 5


Yes, yes. We do have a microwave in our bedroom…and a mini fridge…and a hot and cold water cooler. Hey, it was pretty convenient when my husband was overseas and I had to take care of a newborn and toddler on the second floor of the house (and now it’s just convenient for my late-night snacks…gelatin…mashed potatoes…hot cocoa…).

I am impressed how big of a difference I noticed in my room–how much bigger the windows and even the room itself look from this one small upgrade. The Budget Blinds curtains are much longer and more flowing than our previous curtains which really draws your eyes to the height of the room and the width of the window, as opposed to short, completely flat black curtains.


New Curtains 7


Which room in your home could use a fabulous curtain update?


To be honest, I always thought Budget Blinds had just blinds, but they have several different window coverings, like these curtains. You can even get a FREE expert in-home design consultation to help you decide how to update your space.

I had fun messing with how the curtains hung on the windows, to give it a unique and updated appearance. I can change it up a little all the time!


New Curtains 6 New Curtains 8 New Curtains 9


There’s a non-profit organization called Homes for Our Troops (HFOT). It seeks to provide mortgage-free homes, all adapted to fit specific needs, to severely wounded Veterans that have served overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. Budget Blinds has partnered with HFOT to provide window coverings to all of these homes for the next three years. I was interested to learn more about HFOT. As a military spouse, I think that’s pretty awesome.

Visit the Budget Blinds website.

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  1. I really like these curtains and how easy it was to brighten up your room with them. I have some of these type of curtains in our family room and I need to get these for the living room.

  2. I thought they only had blinds too! It looks great with the 2 different colored curtains. It is nice to have more light in a room sometimes. I noticed the microwave, and then it made me laugh that you posted about it. It would definitely be convenient with young kids. I remember having to go up and down the stairs to make a bottle, after my c-section!

  3. Gorgeous! In the Spring I treat myself to a good spring cleaning, new blinds, curtains and a comforter in my room. Feels so good and clean!

  4. I love the look of your new curtains! I like that you used 2 different colors. The precious ones were nice to keep the light out but these new ones are a nice change.

  5. I like how these look and you’re right, new curtains can make a huge difference. I had to get shades because my tv gets a glare if any light comes in with ours.

  6. These are nice curtains – good to know they have these! I took my curtains down for painting, and it seems so much less cheery and dreary and stark without them! I can’t wait to get them back up.

  7. I love that kind of curtain, so classy! πŸ™‚

  8. These are beautiful curtains. I’ve been wanting to get some new ones soon. We moved into our house about two years ago, and I STILL haven’t purchased any.

  9. Curtains are a relatively inexpensive way to transform the look of any room.

  10. They look great! It doesn’t take much to change the looks of a room. πŸ™‚

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