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Nuby 3-Stage Oral Care Set | Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
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Nuby 3 Stage Oral Care SetDental hygiene is something that is important to me so I want to make sure that my kids get into the habit of brushing their teeth at a very young age. We decided to try the Nuby 3-Stage Oral Care Set

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This product comes with three brushes for your baby–Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3. Each helps your baby’s teeth in a different way at a different point of their teething process from 3 months up.

What I Love

I love that this Nuby oral care kit grows with your infant from the beginning of teething to a mouth full of teeth. When my baby was very tiny we started out with the Stage 1 brush which would help soothe his gums and clean up anything that may have been stuck to them from eating or spitting up. Once he started getting teeth in and having a lot of teething pain, we tried Stage 2 and he still enjoys chewing on that one to relieve pain. Now that my baby has a ton of teeth, we also use Stage 3 which has soft bristles like an average tooth brush. They are gentle on his teeth and help to properly clean them and it is a great way to transition into big-kid teeth brushing.

Nuby encourages you to let your child use the brushes on his/her own to learn the brushing motion and to help make teeth brushing a habit so that’s what we did. Now, with the Stage 3 I do that myself so he doesn’t ruin the bristles, but we still let him chew on the Stage 2. He enjoys being in control and he looks forward to each time he gets to “brush” his teeth with his big brother.

The brush handles are made so that they fit little hands perfectly and the heads on them are comfortable for your child to use at all stages. They help to protect your little one’s primary teeth from ages 3 months+ and this product is BPA free. We received the blue set, but it also comes in purple and green which is really neat.

Nuby 3 Stage Oral System for Babies

What I’m Not Huge On

There is not really anything I do not like about the Nuby 3-Stage Oral Care Set. Honestly, it’s easy to use, grows with my child, and helps promote dental health! I guess the only thing I would like to see offered is a travelling case to go with these so we can easily bring the set with us on trips and keep them protected.

Overall, I really love this toothbrush set from Nuby and am very glad we have it for our baby. It promotes healthy teeth, provokes a good habit, and provides relief from teething pain. My baby enjoys using it as well.

Nuby 3 Stage Oral Care Tooth Brush Set

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-When did your child get his/her first tooth?


  1. My baby got his first tooth at 9 months but he was teething for a very long time before that! These look awesome!

    • Aww I hear ya! Mine got them all quickly (8 teeth by 1 year!) so I really have to keep up with them and this is great for hygiene and teething pain.

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