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Purex Aromatherapy Laundry Crystals Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Purex Aromatherapy CrystalsSome days I really, really do not want to go into my laundry room. One reason for this is that some days it really stinks in there! A couple days ago was one of these days when I walked into a mixture of the delightful aroma of sweaty uniforms, wet laundry that sat too long…oops…, and little man’s wet clothes and bedding (if you didn’t catch it, I’m being facetious.) The new Purex Aromatherapy Crystals convinced me to get it taken care of.

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The new Purex Crystals Aromatherapy line, available mid-October, comes in three varieties including: Energy, Well Being, and Serenity.

What I Love

These laundry enhancer salts have a strong scent that helps to eliminate laundry odors (like the ones I mentioned above.) While my allergies cannot handle too much of the scent, I was able to put about a Tablespoon worth in with this stinky load and it completely got rid of the stench and replaced it with a sweet, fresh laundry scent! Now, I know that adding perfumed products to things that already smell usually just results in a strong and confusing mixture, but the Purex Crystals honestly replaced the scent with a delightful one! 

Purex Crystals fabric softener is so easy to use–just sprinkle some in with your load in the washing machine. The cap has little lines to help guide their suggested amounts to use for large, medium, and small loads. As I pointed out, these were too much for me personally, so I was able to cut back the amount used to fit my needs!

Aromatherapy Well-Being CrystalsYou have probably heard of essential oils as they are a huge deal right now…well, Crystals Aromatherapy uses essential oils blended with citrus and floral scents to boost your mood and give you long-lasting aroma. Who doesn’t need a little bit of encouragement in the energy department when it comes to washing clothes?

What I’m Not Huge On

Of course, the scent of this product is a little bit too strong for me personally in large, but I do enjoy being able to use this in small amounts. My first whiff the Aromatherapy Well-Being straight from the bottle did smell a bit like cough drops, but in smaller amounts you can smell the floral and it is actually really nice. My husband said it smells good too.

Overall, Purex Crystals Aromatherapy are great for putting you in a good mood and giving your wash a delightful, lasting scent. Even used in small amounts, they will leave a fresh aroma and eliminate strong odors. 

Bonus Tip: Grab an old pot, add about a teaspoon of Purex Aromatherapy Crystals (use more or less depending on how strong you’d like the scent to be), dilute it with about 8 cups of water, and heat it on the stove on medium-low! You do not want this to boil or simmer, just to steam. It will fill your house with a happy aroma putting you in a great mood and getting rid of gross smells that may be lingering. *As usual, do not leave anything cooking on the stove unattended to prevent fires and injuries please. Freshen your air responsibly.*

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-Which Purex Aromatherapy variety do you want to try first?


  1. I want to try the Energy. I saw someone the other day melts some in a candle warmer, I want to try that too

    • Never thought of that! It would probably be strong (I had to way dilute these) but let me know how it goes if you try it!

  2. I really want to try the well-being. I’ve already tried the energy one, and it smells nice. Thanks for the chance! You’re awesome!!

  3. I would try well being

  4. I love my Purex crystals too!

  5. I love using these on my sheets. It helps me to sleep better.

  6. I would like to try well being first.

  7. I think I’d like to try the Energy scent

  8. i want to try well being!

  9. Serentity would be my first choice

  10. I would try well being. Thank you for this chance to win.

  11. I think I would try the serenity it sounds like it smells so peaceful 🙂 thanks for the opportunity to win!

  12. I would like to try Serenity.Ty

  13. I would like to try well being!

  14. I’d love to try the Well Being scent. I love laundry enhancers.

  15. I would like to try the one called Serenity.

  16. Shirley S – I like the sound of all of them, but Well Being definitely sounds the most calming.

  17. I would like to try the Energy scent!

  18. I would like to try serenity first

  19. Well being would be my first choice!

  20. I would like to try the Serenity Scent first


  22. i would really like to try the well being scent the most
    – natalie y

  23. I would like to try the Energy scent.

  24. I would love to try the Energy scent

  25. I’d want to try the Energy scent.

  26. I want to try the Energy scent because I could use more energy:)

  27. I think I would be interested in the Energy scent

  28. I really want to try the Energy scent first.

  29. I would like to try the well being.

  30. Well being sounds fabulous to me! Love Purex Crystals!

  31. I would love to try Serenity first.

  32. I want to try the energy purex crystals. I like a scent that will last for awhile.

  33. I’d like to try the Serenity Scent!

  34. I want to try the serenity scent first.

  35. Fresh Mountain Breeze would be my first choice.

  36. I’d love to try the serenity! Hopefully, it will make me feel rested!

  37. I would love to try serenity

  38. I would like to try the energy scent

  39. I would love to try the Energy scent first but they all sound really great! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  40. I would love to try Energy! These sound great!

  41. I want to try energy scent.

  42. I would like to try serenity scent

  43. I’d love to try the Energy scent

  44. I want to try the energy scent!

  45. I would like to try energy

  46. I would to love to try Mountain Breeze.

  47. I’d like to try energy

  48. I want to try the serenity scent

  49. I would like to try Energy…I like invigorating scents!

  50. Beth Dunlavy Hoppe

    Love to try the serenity one.

  51. I would love to try Energy! Would love the smell

  52. I most want to try the Energy scent followed by the Serenity scent.

  53. I would love the energy one.
    Thank You
    Happy Holidays

  54. I would like to try the Well Being one .

  55. ohh i would love to try energy!
    casey e.

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