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Tip For Going On Walks With Toddlers–Stoplight!

Stoplight Game for Walking with Kids

We love going on walks as a family as often as we can, every day if possible. Walks are a great opportunity for some quality family time to enjoy the fresh air without the company of phones and TVs and computers. A lot of times both kids end up riding in the stroller, but when our oldest has oodles of energy or he just plain wants to, we let him walk along with us.

Of course when our boy walks with us it is usually more of a run. I get a little freaked out when we are right next to the road or running through the trail in wooded areas and I want to keep him close, but he tends to wander off. In order to keep our son from running off too far ahead, we decided to start playing “Stoplight” or the “Red Light, Green Light Game” (whichever you call it) during our walks. “Green Light” allows for him to run as fast and as far as he can in the time I give him. When he is getting too far, I should out “Red Light!” and he needs to stop in his place and stand still. I let him start back up, slowly, with a “Yellow Light” and we keep on, switching it up throughout our walk. Sometimes I go in order of a traffic light from green to yellow to red. Sometimes I just go back and forth “Red, Green, Red, Green.” Sometimes I even keep him on yellow walking realllly slloooowwly for a while. Changing it up makes it interesting for both of us and keeps him entertained.

Playing the Stoplight Game (Red Light Green Light) will not only keep your child within a reasonable distance during your walks, but it will also promote exercise, rule following, and quick reaction time. Take time each day to enjoy your family and get fresh air when the weather is nice! Stay healthy by going on walks and have some fun learning along the way playing this fun Stoplight kids exercise game!

-Do you go on walks with your family? Where is your favorite place to walk? What tips can you share for taking walks with young kids?

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