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An Honest Review of the BrylaneHome Rolling Deck Box

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Large Outdoor Patio Organizer

Warm weather is upon us! For many, this many there will be time enjoyed outside on the patio with family and friends. Of course this means you will want to have a great looking deck! One way to make everything look great is to make sure you have a neat place to store things away like the BrylaneHome Rolling Deck Box.

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Since our patio furniture has cushions I wanted to store away, I was excited to be able to try out the 103 gallon box, but they also have a 71 gallon box if you would prefer something that takes up less room.

What I Love

The BrylaneHome patio storage container has so much room to fill! It holds everything from toys to outdoor pillows, cushions, gardening supplies, citronella candles, and more! Living in the South not too far out from the ocean, we get a ton of rain so I wanted to hide away the furniture cushions so they do not get moldy. To my surprise, I was able to fit all 9 inside with a little room to spare. The one time we accidentally left them out in a rain, it took quite some time for them to dry all the way through so when we sat on what looked like a clean, dry cushion we found out it was actually a soggy mess. Previously we had all of our patio things in a deep cardboard box in our little storage room. While it held them fine, the box looked messy, was hard for me to reach into since I’m short, and over time it started to break down. This deck box is awesome because it is large, low to the ground, and made of heavy-duty plastic that won’t fall apart like cardboard. 

Huge Spacious Outdoor Storage Container

Assembly was simple. All the pieces snap together with ease, no tools required. My husband did not even need to use the instructions sheet because you could tell where each part went. He had the entire deck organizer set up in minutes.

This outdoor storage bin is made with rust-free polypropylene (fairly safe–while unsafe during production, this is not known to leach cancer-causing or hormone disturbing chemicals according to Care2 and HealthyChild.org on plastic safety) and is weather-proof. It has lockable lid–I would recommend utilizing this option as it will not only prevent your possessions from being stolen, but will also prevent water from leaking in. Since we had so many cushions in our deck box, the holes for the lock did not line up perfectly so when it rained some water got inside. The only part inside the box that was wet was the very bottom so we knew it had to be the padlock hole. We dried everything out then put everything back inside just as before but this time we used a lock. Several huge rainstorms since and no leaks at all! 

With its wheels on the bottom and handle at one end, the BrylaneHome deck box is easy to move around. We had to relocate it and had no issues rolling it to where we needed it to be. 

Sturdy Deck Box Outdoor Seating

I love that this patio organizer provides outdoor seating; since it is so sturdy, you are able to sit on top! While we have a decent amount of chairs on our deck, I appreciate having a little extra for when we have company over. Another plus is that it looks great on the patio so it is functional but decorative as well. 

What I’m Not Huge On

I really don’t like feeling that I have to use a padlock on the container or it will leak–I am not too worried about my cushions getting stolen as many leave theirs out anyway so it just adds one more step, but it is not that difficult of a step to take and I suppose it is good to get into the habit of locking our things away. It only takes a minute so I do not really mind using a lock, but since I have a tendency to misplace things…like keys…I would prefer another way to keep things closed tightly and prevent leaks.

Outdoor Deck Box With Lockable Lid

Overall, the BrylaneHome Rolling Outdoor Storage Box is a great way to tidy up your patio, gain extra seating, and keep your things protected from bad weather, fading, and theft. A sturdy and spacious patio box, you will get great use out of this! You can purchase the deck box in the 71 gallon size (21-3/4″H x 46-3/4″L x 21″D) for about $110 or the 103 gallon size (29-1/4″H x 55″L x 24″D) for about $130. It comes in beige with a dark brown lid. Click here to learn more about this product! Check out BrylaneHome on Facebook and Twitter!

Bonus tip: Add a cushion to the top to coordinate with your decor and make the box extra comfortable for sitting on!

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We’re getting All Decked Out! Be sure to check back in for DIY projects and the reveal of my patio makeover! 

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-What would you store in your deck box?


  1. I love this! I need one for my deck… This is the best invention ever! Thanks for your review:)

    • Isn’t it?! Definitely has been a help; I am not a fan of soggy, moldy cushions or waiting for them to dry before enjoying a cup of coffee on the patio so this is a huge help!

  2. I really like the fact that you can lock it but I don’t like that you have to lock it. It is big enough to store pretty much anything though. Its hard to find good quality outside storage that doesn’t end up rusting somewhere over time. What I wonder is since you have to assemble yourself and though you had no problems with this, sometimes when things have to get snapped together they have a likelyhood of not always piecing together correctly. Overall I like it and think it would be nice to have and the pros out way the con’s.

    • You don’t necessarily “have” to lock it–we had it filled up quite a bit–empty everything lines up correctly, but to ensure no leaking it’s best to lock it just in case to block that hole. I don’t think there will be any issues piecing this together personally; I have yet to find a patio storage container that doesn’t require assembly from the purchaser, but that is a good point. I definitely would recommend this though!

  3. That is something that i could really use. I like it a lot.

  4. I really like this – especially with how multi-functional it is! Storage and seating in one – yes please!

  5. It appears to be tall and flat enough to be used as a serving area.

  6. Alison Roberson

    I can’t wait to get one of these we have been looking at them after reading your review we are totally convinced this is what we are looking for.

  7. I totally need one of these for the back yard….my deck is under construction so this would totally help with storage.

  8. I could really use a handy storage shed like this for my patio! We have a tiny one right now, but this looks much more spacious and I like the lock option to keep valuables safe πŸ™‚

    • It is definitely spacious! The locking option is definitely good if you have special things to hide away plus it keeps the lid from randomly blowing off in a high-wind storm.

  9. Stephanie Hebert

    Very Cool! I never thought of putting my cushions in something they keep getting dirty!

    • Ours did too! Plus it rains here a lot so we would go outside to eat on the patio and get a wet backside lol. Not anymore!

  10. I could totally use something like this at our house. What a great review!!

    • Thank you! It definitely helps for storing away outdoor kid toys πŸ˜‰ Hubby toys (tools, etc.) too haha.

  11. This is great! We need to get one for our outside area. I love how you mention we can just add a cushion on top for more use!

    • It works great! I still need to get or make a cushion for it so it’s softer when we have friends over and looks extra cute but it works great without too!

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