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keysAfter almost seven months of playing the waiting game, it finally happened. We were finally handed the keys to our new house on base! Adding a new member to our family, we needed more than a 2-bedroom house, so we went on the waitlist for the 3-bedroom homes. My husband was deployed for much of the time that we were on the list for a new home and our baby was sleeping in our room in his bassinet so we did not have issues for a while; but our baby finally outgrew the bassinet completely so we had to move him to the crib. Since there was not any space in our room to put up a crib, we stuck him in with his big brother–you can imagine how that went over!

Now, I will say that we have two very awesome, well-behaved kids, but we still have had our fair share of sleepless nights since they began bunking together. The very first night we put the baby in his big brother’s room, our oldest was already asleep when the crib was installed. When he woke up in the morning, he was very surprised (and excited) to see his little brother in in the room with him. He no longer refers to the space as “my room,” but as “our room.”While our older son enjoys sharing the bedroom, the baby can be rather noisy (crying, babbling, throwing toys across the room) which would keep our big boy awake and whining “Go to sleep!” Nap times disappeared and night time came with many interruptions. Besides this, both boys would end up inside the crib along with piles of toys…

Yesterday we were given the keys to begin moving into our slightly larger home. We are very blessed in the fact that our new house is about 9 houses down (about 4 buildings) and has the exact same layout on the lower level–talk about an easy move! I already know where to place most everything and we can make several small trips back and forth rather than pack a ton, rent a trailer, pile up boxes in the house, take months to unpack…you get my drift. I can literally unpack two shelves at a time and unpack them right into the same places!

Most of the day yesterday we spent on cleaning the new house (wiping down most everything with baby wipes, of course.) We were able to bring our beds over and a few other essentials so we could spend the night in our new home! I have to tell you–lying down on freshly-cleaned carpet is one of my favorite feelings!


Of course, having the chance to move into a new house gives us a fresh start, so not everything will go exactly as before. We are working on acquiring more organizational products, making more room than before,decorating, and purging some of our old, unneeded things. I will be improving the layout and re-designing the rooms! Of course, all of this work means that I will have a lot to share, so keep an eye out for a lot of DIY projects and tips for organizing and decorating! My main rooms of focus will be the patio, living room + kitchen/dining room, pantry, young boy’s room, and nursery, but I will probably have a few crafts for each room! I will be working with some great companies along the way, so stay tuned for some helpful product reviews (and maybe some giveaways!) 

My blank canvas!

My blank canvas!

I will try to pop in here and there to post, but don’t be surprised if I am rather busy with the move! We only have five business days to move everything and clean the old house! Be sure to follow Arts & Crackers on social media (buttons at the top right of the page) to stay updated!

-Do you have any moving tips to share? Add them to the comment section below!


  1. Is this on the opposite side of the building? Looking from the dining room right?

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