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Jabra TALK Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

jabra talk As parents, we often find out hands are preoccupied carrying our kids, cleaning up messes, cooking dinner– so when the phone rings, not having to use one hand to carry your phone is invaluable. The Jabra TALK is the perfect Bluetooth headset for the busy mommy or daddy.

No Nonsense, Just Talk

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What I Love

I love that the Jabra TALK wireless Bluetooth device is user-friendly. My husband used this mainly while he was driving the car, but also around the house while he helped with the kids. It allowed him to have both hands free and the call/answer buttons were right there on the headset and easy to find and you are able to adjust the volume to a setting that is right for you. This device even allows you to use voice dialing through your phone and has voice guidance to walk you through use!  The TALK paired quickly to our phone and stayed paired as we walked around the house and drove around running errands. You can pair up to two devices at a time. It is compact and discreet so you can carry it around with you everywhere. The earhooks come in two different sizes so you can find the right fit and the ear gels are made to provide the ultimate comfortable fit all day long. You can wear the device on either ear and you can even use it without the earhook. Battery life for this Jabra product is up to 6 hours talk time and 8 days standby time and takes about 2 hours to charge. Just like other Jabra devices, the TALK has great sound quality with their HD Voice technology. You can use this device for more than just phone calls–Jabra TALK has A2DP so it also works for wirelessly streaming music, GPS navigation, and podcasts! Talk about convenient!


What I’m Not Huge On

The Jabra TALK wireless Bluetooth device is so discreet that you cannot always tell when someone is on the phone–my husband had just gotten off the phone with someone so I started talking to him only to find out he’d gotten on the phone with someone else! Really though, this device is awesome and I just have a silly husband. He got quite the kick out of my reaction. Overall, the Jabra TALK is helpful, simple to use, and has is very well made. Who has two free hands and loves this Jabra Bluetooth earpiece? Me! Now we can be on the phone while still taking care of our kids, completing housework and errands, and driving safely.

You can purchase the Jabra TALK for yourself (or as a Mother’s or Father’s Day gift!!) at Best Buy and T Mobile. Check out Jabra on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Check out my Jabra TOUR review!

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  1. Constance N Smith

    I would love to use it in the grocery store……

    • Too funny–my husband was just at the store yesterday and someone kept dropping things because she was juggling everything with her phone. I think she could have used a Jabra TALK headset 😉 Thanks for entering!

  2. We have a law now and are not able to talk on our cells or use them at all when we drive so I’d for sure use it then.

  3. I would use this when I drive into Illinois where it is against the law to be on the phone if it isn’t hands free. And probably also when I drive anywhere else.

  4. This mom needs something she can talk on that my toddler won’t/can’t steal/grab.

  5. I would probably use the Jabra Talk in the car, but not in public…I hate looking as if I am talking to myself!

  6. Every year I use the toll pike as I drive through the mountains of Pennsylvania to visit my son in Virginia. So I would use Jabra Talk while driving this route so I can focus on the roads that curve for miles on end.

  7. I am trying to win this for my husband, he has a DROID and it is a nice phone but it is hard to hear on as the phone, LOL so this would help a lot and he would use it whenever he uses it as a phone. So at home, in the car, at work, etc.

  8. My husband drives for a living all over the US everyday so, he would use it while driving!

  9. when I am in my car driving

  10. I’m not sure where this would get the most use, the car or the kitchen!

  11. I think at the gym

  12. Lke many have said I also would use it in the car,kitchen and I think the perfect place would be the Bathroom. Thank you for the chance Elaine

  13. Definitely my mom. She wants to use one too. We love cleaning and chatting for hours!

    • That sounds great! It definitely helps to keep your hands free for cleaning and talking on the phone is a great way to enjoy the time spent cleaning.

  14. I would use the Jabra TALK while working. I type for a living so my hands are never free. This would allow me to conduct business while typing.

    • Me too! My phone is broken right now so I don’t have one, but when it comes back the Jabra TALK will definitely help. I get headaches trying to hold the phone between my cheek and shoulder while typing!

  15. I would use this while driving and while out and about.

  16. I would use it in the car

  17. I live in Florida where it is actually ok for people to talk and drive. I think they are nuts. I always wait to use my phone until I’m home, but it would be awesome to use the Jabra while I’m stuck in traffic! I’ve never had a bluetooth and think this is something that would really be useful!

  18. I would use is when I go for my walks

  19. gayle gildehaus

    I would use it while driving and while walking.

  20. I would use this when I’m out in the fields gardening.

  21. In the car where I spend hours a day 🙁

  22. in the car!

  23. I would use this in the car!

  24. I would use it in the car.

  25. i would give this to my boyfriend for his birthday.

  26. I’d use this to talk one the phone with my dad in the car, while ignoring my mom calling me at the same time from her house!

  27. Great review!

  28. I would use it in my car. My state just passed a law that you have to use hands free phone in your car. I definitely get use out of it.

  29. My husband will use this on while traveling and driving!!

  30. Becky VanGinkel

    My husband travels 34 hours round trip every other week to come home to use (he’s a lineman and works on the road)… him having this would give me so much more peace of mind when he’s travelling home! Him talking on the phone and looking at it is one less thing I would have to worry about 🙂 Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!

    babydjs_mom yahoo

  31. I would use it when working outside

  32. I would give it to my boyfriend so he could use it while driving or anytime he needs to 🙂

  33. I would let my husband have it so that he can use it while he is at work.

  34. I would use it while driving and while doing things around the House.

  35. Dolores Miranda

    Ill use it while chasing my kids around the house keeping my hands free lol

  36. in the car

  37. I would use the Jabra Talk in the car, at work, at home and while out and about. I hate holding my phone!! I sure would use it a lot more. I could even talk while making dinner!

  38. I will use my Jabra TALK in my car and while going places!! This is great.

  39. in the car – my mom is a talker so this would be easier to keep engaged with her without having her on speaker!

  40. in the car

  41. I would love to use this while driving or even while cleaning!

  42. This would be perfect while I’m outside working in the gardens, or while out and about doing errands or on trips. My husband would use this also. Love love love it. 🙂

    • I would love to start a garden now that we are in our new house and this would work well! Thanks for entering!

  43. While running errands.

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