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Jabra TOUR Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
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jabra tour review

Sometimes you find yourself needing to be on the phone in the car, whether it’s an important call from your deployed spouse or you just need someone to talk to to keep you alert on a long trip, but it can also be dangerous. Going wireless and hands-free is the safest option and the Jabra TOUR Bluetooth Speakerphone Car Kit allows you to do just that.

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What I Love

I love that the Jabra TOUR helps us to drive safely using Bluetooth connection. We end up on the phone frequently, especially on roadtrips, so this device is a great help. We are able to send calls and pick up incoming calls and use all other commands using our voice for easy use (plus, this option is available in different languages!) Not only does the Jabra TOUR allow us to make and take calls hands-free, but it also allows us to stream multimedia such as music, podcasts, and even GPS navigation directions from our phone while we are not in a call.

The 3-watt speaker allows us to hear the other phone line (or media) clearly and crisply with lifelike in-person sound quality and the HD Voice microphone allows others to hear us clearly through its enhanced noise cancellation.


Another great feature of the Jabra TOUR Bluetooth car kit is that it has built-in motion detectors that can tell when you are in your car so that it can turn on or off to conserve battery juice giving you up to 20 hours of talk time and up to 60 days of standby time and it will auto-pair with your device. The unit comes with an in-car charger as well as a USB cable so you can charge it with your PC. The device is small, portable and slides on easily to the sun visor in your vehicle. You are able to pair two devices to the TOUR simultaneously which is perfect for a husband and wife on long drives with the family. Because it is wireless and pairs via Bluetooth, this device can be used anywhere!

What I’m Not Huge On

While the device has easy Voice Guidance set-up directions, my husband did have a difficult time getting the device to pair with his phone at first. He followed the directions, just the device was unable to find his connection. We have the Jabra FREEWAY which is an older version of Bluetooth wireless in-car connection and our phones connect perfectly with that one, so I am unsure why this one was having difficulty. We tried it again a couple days later and now it works perfectly!

Overall, the Jabra TOUR Bluetooth hands-free device promotes safe driving while providing the ability to send and receive calls, play music and podcasts, and listen to your GPS navigation with clear sound anywhere you go. This product has proven very useful and the quality is great!

You can purchase the Jabra TOUR for yourself (or as a Mother’s or Father’s Day gift!!) at ATT following THIS LINK. Check out Jabra on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. #GoWireless with #JabraTour.

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-Have you tried any of the Jabra hands-free devices? What are your thoughts?

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