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Seat Sack Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product and compensation for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

seat sack

Teaching your children to be organized is something that will help them into adulthood. Whether you teach your child at home or you send them to a school, the Seat Sack™ is a great product to help your child arrange his/her school supplies! I believe a tidy work space paves the way to better learning.

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With the Seat Sack desk organizer, your child will be able to  find school supplies very easily. The organizers come in four sizes: Small (12″,) Standard (14″,) Medium (15″,) and Large (17″) so you should be able to find a size to fit almost any kitchen table or classroom chair. It has pockets where your child can store books, markers, and more.

What I Love

seat sack on chairAs I mentioned above, the Seat Sack comes in four different sizes. Why do I love this? We have so many differently-sized chairs in our house and none of them are desk chairs, but I was still able to find a size that would work. We decided to go with the small size which fits perfectly on my son’s folding chair so he is able to sit at his folding kids’ table for his learning adventures. Had we not had the kid-sized table and chairs, we would have been able to use the large size at our dining room table! The sacks hang from the back of your chair by a pocket that slips over the top which means they will fit snugly and comfortably. They also have a 2″ gusset (extra triangularly-shaped piece of fabric sewn in to make the sacks wider and stronger) at the bottom and are tapered to fit.

I love that this product is a customizable organizer to fit the personality of your child or the theme of your school! Seat Sacks come in the following exciting colors: Original Royal Blue, Apple Red, Sunny Yellow, Crisp Green, Tuxedo Black, Royally Purple, and Fresh Orange. Each has a name card holder where you are able to write your child’s name (I used a washable dry erase marker on the outside plastic part so that I am able to wash off the name and use it for my younger son when he is older as well.) You are even able to send in your artwork to include your school name/logo on the name cards for an additional cost or free with orders of 100 or more Seat Sacks!

I love that the Seat Sack has one large pocket and two smaller pockets. The material is sturdy with plenty of room to fit books, folders, note paper, and more in the large pocket and markers, craft supplies, and a Seat Sack pencil bag into the smaller pockets.

Seat Sack also sells other items to go along with your Seat Sack:

Hand-e-Sack Stick and Store: This product has a Velcro piece on the back of it that you are able to stick to the side of your desk or table and easily remove and re-stick. It is a great added area for organizing and keeping most-used items within easy reach. We use ours for craft supplies (this mommy LOVES to craft!) such as safety scissors, crayons, and glue sticks!

seat sack hand e sack

Read-n-Go Book Bag: This product is a handy re-sealable bag with a handle and is perfect for toting around books, coloring paper and crayons, and more while you are on the go or for easy storage at home! My son keeps some of his favorite Dr. Seuss books inside along with his Twigtale Starting School book.

seat sack book bag

Pencil+Pouch: This product is great for storing smaller, loose items such as pencils, markers, erasers, and extra bookmarks. It slides perfectly into the front pocket of the Seat Sack and does not take up much room on the desk in front of you if you need your writing supplies out. The pocket zips open and closed so nothing falls out.

seat sack pencil case

I love that the Seat Sack is machine washable and dryable–Mommy-friendly! With young boys, you can imagine our Seat Sacks will end up messy and I am not a huge fan of hand-washing, so I love the ease of being able to toss the organizer in with our laundry if it becomes soiled.

Seat Sacks are CPSAI certified for their safety and have a customer satisfaction guarantee–something I always love to see offered on products because it shows you they believe in their product. The seat pockets are made with Flame-retardant laminated poly fabric that meets with regulations of Flame-retardant standard no. 302 MVSS.

What I’m Not Huge On

Honestly, there is not too much I don’t love about this product! It is so handy and functional. If I had to choose something, I would say I wish the pictures on the name labels were not colored because I really want to color them in, but the tags are removable so if I really want to I can take some card stock, trace the rectangular label, and draw my own pictures!

Overall, the Seat Sack is a useful tool for teaching your child organization, keeping your workspace clear, and allowing your child to focus completely on learning. It is affordable, starting at only $8.95, and is great for homeschool, classroom, office, or craft room use! Be sure to check out The Original Seat Sack Company on Facebook!

Bonus Tip: To make your Seat Sack even more personal, cut a picture of your child to the size of the name tag and slide it in where his/her name should be!

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  1. What an awesome product and fun way to teach your kids to be organized! I love that it even comes with it’s own resealable pouch!!

    • It is! My son loves it and I love that he is learning to put things back where they belong–everything has a place!

  2. Michelle Crooks-Rattan

    I really like this product. It would be a great thing to have. It seems like something always gets misplaced. This would help that from happening

  3. Some of these could be put to other use i.e: The Hand-e-Sack Stick and Store might work good for the remote control.

    • That’s true! We don’t watch much TV so I didn’t think about that! It is great for crafts supplies too! Or for sticking to a stroller and filling it with Kleenex or something else you might need handy!

  4. It’s great to start teaching them at a young age. What a great organizer to make it work for kids!

    • I agree! This is so helpful to get him organized now when he works so he can use his work space organizing skills (wayyy) in the future when he has a job!

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