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Disney “Sing Into Spring” CD Preschool Set Review

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disney sing into spring cd preschool set

Do you ever find yourself humming songs from TV shows and movies out of the blue? I do! I always have a song to sing and my son is the same way. I was able to review Disney’s “Sing Into Spring” 4-disk Preschool CD collection that includes Disney Junior DJ Shuffle, Disney Junior Doc McStuffins, Disney Junior Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Disney’s Frozen tracks.

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I recognized a lot of the songs on each of the CDs as did my son and we had a blast singing along together. Singing familiar songs is always a great bonding exercise to do with your children. A lot of the songs on these disks are not only fun to sing, but also offer an opportunity to discuss the words with your child after to learn character-building lessons such as not being afraid to ask for help, why it is important to brush your teeth, being a team, or what happens when snow or ice is exposed to heat.

As I mentioned, I was able to try out four Disney CDs. Learn a little more about each CD and what I liked and disliked about each below:

Disney Junior DJ Shuffle

disney junior dj shuffle cd

My son loves to watch Disney Junior when he gets the chance and he likes a lot of the shows. Disney Junior DJ Shuffle is great because it mixes songs from all of his favorites as well as some we are not too familiar with. This disk has songs from Sofia the First, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Henry Hugglemonster, and Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.

What I Love

I love that this CD has a nice mix of 25 different songs. As much as we love Doc McStuffins or Sofia the First, I love getting a mix of everything as well and changing it up a bit, especially if the CD is being played on a road trip. I also love that it includes many very familiar tracks such as “Blue Ribbon Bunny,” “Bubbly Blue,” and “Hot Dog!” Even more, I love that it includes four bonus karaoke instrumentals along with the lyrics to each so you and your child can really sing along.

What I’m Not Huge On

While I absolutely love the bonus karaoke section, I wish they were mixed in with the other songs. A lot of instrumentals at the end is ok for at home when we can read the lyrics and sing a long, but until we have the lyrics memorized and sing to every song, the end could get a little boring if we are on the road. Of course the simple solution for this would be to hit the skip button.

Doc McStuffins–The Doc Is In

disney doc mcstuffins cd

Doc McStuffins is one of our favorite Disney Junior shows. Not only does it teach our kids to not be afraid of the doctor, but it also teaches our children that ouchies happen and compassion for others when they are hurt can help the healing happen faster.

What I Love

I love that this CD includes many different songs from the show and is well-rounded with lessons perfect for young kids including “Wash Your Hands,” “Let’s Play Outside,” “Brush Your Teeth,” and “Get Your Sleep On.” This is a great CD to listen to any time of day, especially when your little one needs a pick-me-up after getting hurt or needs a reminder to take care of himself. The disk includes 26 songs from the show.

What I’m Not Huge On

I actually really like this CD so there isn’t much of anything I don’t like! The only thing I would have to say I would enjoy is if some of the lyrics were included in the booklet, but most of the songs are easy enough to pick up the lyrics on.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates–Yo Ho, Matey!

disney junior jake never land pirates cd

Jake and the Never Land Pirates is a great show for teaching teamwork and being kind to your enemies so this is another one of our favorite Disney Junior shows to watch. In fact, we were watching it just this morning! I love that there is a CD out so we can enjoy the musical fun from the show whenever we want.

What I Love

I like that this CD has 20 tracks on it and includes many of the most popular Jake and the Never Land Pirates songs including “Gold Doubloons,” “Bubbly Blue,” and “Starfish Serenade.” I also think it is neat that the booklet in the front includes two small coloring pages!

What I’m Not Huge On

While we enjoy the show because of the great teaching opportunities, I really did not get much of that from the songs on this disk. I also think I would have enjoyed seeing a few more songs on the CD as well as lyrics to a few of the songs in the front.

Frozen Soundtrack

disney frozen soundtrack

We finally watched the popular new Disney movie, Frozen, and it was a great movie! I found myself singing all of the songs from the movie as they were stuck in my head by the end of it.

What I Love

I love that the disk includes all the music from the movie along with all the lyrics! Now I can sing my favorite songs and not goof up the words. The Frozen soundtrack is so much fun to listen and sing to over and over! When I listened to it just the day after watching the movie, I could picture the whole movie over again in my head as the music played!

What I’m Not Huge On

While I love this CD and all of the songs, only 10 of the 32 tracks actually have words. I know this is how the movie was so this is totally understandable; but, while I enjoy classical music, I get a little bored just listing to the instrumentals after all the fun and excitement of the first ten numbers.

Overall, this is a great set of Disney CDs. I could do without the Jake and the Never Land Pirates disk, but my son enjoys the songs still. These will definitely come in handy on long road trips or if we have any Disney Junior-themed birthday parties! Visit the Disney store HERE.

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Disney Preschool Set of CDs

Prize includes: “Frozen Soundtrack,” “Doc McStuffins,” “DJ Shuffle,” and “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”



Disney Tween Set of CDs

Prize includes: “Frozen Soundtrack,” “Austin & Ally: Turn It Up,” “DC Play it Loud,” and “Teen Beach Movie”



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