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Snow-bot DIY

snowbot diyWe love making snow angels! This year I decided to have my son try to make something new–a Snow-bot! Making a Snow-bot is fairly simple and my little boy had so much fun making it and looking at the pictures after. Here’s how to make one for yourself:

  1. IMG_5740Find a small box that fits on your/your child’s head like a hat.
  2. IMG_5741Cut little holes, one on either side of the box, and stick through a string or shoelace or something that can be tied easily and safely around the chin.
  3. IMG_5742Tape a little plastic cup to the top of the box. This will show best on your Snow-bot if you tape it towards the back.
  4. IMG_5743Put the robot head on your/your child’s head and tie it snugly and safely around the chin.
  5. IMG_5745Bundle up and be sure to make a “c” with your hands when you get into robot position.
  6. IMG_5746Lie down straight in the snow and stay still. Have someone help lift you out so you don’t ruin the awesome Snow-bot you just made.

-Are you going to try this? Share your pictures on my Facebook wall!


  1. Cute idea. Hope you get the chance to get out and enjoy the snow again before it melts.

  2. Brilliant. My boy wants to play in the snow today, so I think we’ll make a snow-bot! He loves robots and he loves snow, so woohoo!

  3. HA!! That’s really cute!! 🙂

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