Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
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purex crystals fresh mountain breezeDo you ever find yourself re-washing a load of laundry over and over because you forget about it and it starts to smell? I did exactly this the other day. No matter how many times I re-washed it, because I have to use perfume-free detergent I just could not get that smell out. I am so happy I was able to try Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze fabric softener. Though I do not usually do well with scented cleaning or laundry products, I am actually able to use some of these Purex Crystals without having my allergies kick in.

The NEW Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze has the light, airy scent of flowers in bloom. This product will keep your clothing fresh smelling for weeks, not days like most brands. The formula is natural which means that it is safe for your family and the environment and will not reduce the absorbency of towels! Purex Crystals come in an easy to use bottle with a handy pour spout. To measure out, there are lines in the cap to show where to fill to for a small, medium, or large load size. Personally, I use less than what it recommends for a small load for any size load and I still get great scent.

IMG_5656I really enjoy being able to use this new Purex Crystals variety in my wash! I am so used to my clothing smelling bland or stale, so the Fresh Mountain Breeze really does give me a breath of fresh air all the while reducing static and softening my clothing. Find more information about Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze HERE.

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  1. I have tried Purex Crystals, and I love adding them to my homemade laundry detergent. They leave my laundry smelling fresh and clean. I have never tried the Mountain Breeze scent, but I would love to!

    • That is a great idea, I didn’t think of that Tara! I was wanting to try making my own laundry detergent so maybe I can make some special for my husband to use for his uniforms 🙂

  2. I harbe tried purex crystals. It make my laundry smell sooooo good! My laundry room smells awesome for a few days after as well.

  3. I love purex crystals! They smell great, you don’t have to use much, and they don’t irritate my excema/psoriasis. 🙂

  4. I use the lavender Purex crystals and love them! They leave the laundry smelling amazing! I’m interested to see how the fresh mountain breeze leaves the laundry smelling!!

  5. I have never tried the Purex crystals but would love to!

  6. Stephanie Fontaine

    I never tried it but if they want to send me a free sample I will. LOL 😛

  7. I’ve tried them, they work well but are expensive.

  8. I LOVE Purex Crystals. They work great! 🙂

  9. Erin Titus Matthews

    My Mom loves Purex Crystals, but I have not tried them yet! I love the idea but have not wanted to buy a big bottle not knowing if my husband could handle it with his allergies. I would love to try them!

  10. I haven’t tried them, but I would like to. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  11. Yes! We love Purex Crystals in our house!!

  12. My husband bought the lavender kind a few weeks ago for our front loader. He works in hvac and is always covered in something. The crystals help keep him smelling fresh throughout the day. He loves them and even has put a small cup in the closets and our office to keep the air fresh too! It also does not irritate our toddlers skin and actually helps him sleep (or so I like to believe!) I’d love to try the mountain scent next!

    • That is same here. With my husband in the military he needs a little boost from the Crystals to keep his uniforms from getting really stinky lol. I am allergic to everything but I can handle a little of the Purex Crystals so it is a win-win for us.

  13. I use the Pyrex crystals for babies and I lovr them!

  14. Love these! They are one of the few splurges I will get when it comes to laundry!

  15. I coulda have used these last week when I left a load in the washer for like 4 days haha

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