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Timi & Leslie Marie Antoinette Diaper Bag Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

timi-and-leslie-emeraldIf you are like me, finding a good diaper bag can be quite the challenging; it needs to fit all your goodies, allow you to carry your purse, and not make you look overly like a mommy. In my search, I came across TIMI & LESLIE. This company offers a variety of fashionable and functional diaper bags including canvas messenger and tote-a-long tote bags and convertible satchels and totes. TIMI & LESLIE has some amazing collections but my favorite is the Marie Antoinette Gemstone Collection.

timi-and-leslie-emerald-bagThe Marie Antoinette Gemstone Collection bags come in Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, and Amber and in non-gemstone silver and black. This diaper bag is a lightweight quilted nylon material with custom antique brass finish hardware. The tote is 13”H x 16”W x 4.25”D x 9.25”HD and weighs only 1.35lbs. Its cream-colored lining is water resistant. There are six interior organizational pockets to store and organize all your goodies as well as two outer pockets. Inside you will get a matching changing pad, stroller straps, detachable/adjustable shoulder strap, pouchette for Mom’s essentials, insulated bottle holder, and dirty clothes sack. There is even a key fob inside so you can hook on your keys to prevent them from falling to the bottom of the bag!

I chose the Marie Antoinette Gemstone bag in Emerald because that is my birthstone! There is so much I love about this bag. Not only is it chic, but also convenient. It is stylish and sensible. Remember the key items we all look for in the perfect diaper bag? This satisfies them all.

timi and leslie emerald bag insideThe Marie Antoinette Gemstone Collection tote is large enough to fit all your diapering and infant care needs, some snacks for your older child, and all the while it remains light enough to carry comfortably.

This TIMI & LESLIE bag is so functional you will not even need to worry about carrying a purse along with it. I am able to fit everything I need for myself and my little ones in all of the pouches and the pouchette is perfect for hiding away my wallet and lipstick. I even love the changing pad; it is soft and easy to use one-handed and it even has a little pouch on it to hold a diaper and wipes container if you don’t want to bring the whole bag along with you and of course I have already had to use the dirty clothes sack.

As for not giving off a too-distinct “mommy vibe,” you do not need to worry about that with this bag! Large purses are very in-style right now and rather than playful animals and pastel prints this bag is a very grown-up, gorgeous design made with luxury fabrics. I carry my bag around with me as my purse whether I have my kids with me or not and no one can sense it is a diaper bag.

timi and leslie emerald bag on strollerThe TIMI & LESLIE Marie Antoinette Gemstone Collection tote goes above and beyond what I look for in the right diaper bag. I have never owned a diaper bag that actually had special straps to hold it onto a stroller before and, let me tell you, I love it so much! With all the diaper bags I used with my older son, I found myself struggling to juggle a stroller and a diaper bag. Sure, it was possible, but the stroller straps make it so much easier (just what I needed too taking care of two kids on my own while my husband is deployed.) Now when I go for walks, I timi and leslie emerald bag stroller strapscan bring my diaper bag along just in case and not have to worry about trying to carry it on my arm while I push the stroller, I don’t have to bend down and try to shove and yank the bag in and out of the small basket underneath, and the basket is open in case I decide I want to take along a blanket and some food to treat my kids to a picnic at the park! When I go to the mall, the same is true where I am able to walk without the extra weight on your shoulder stressing out your back and swinging back and forth as a pendulum (hitting the stroller no doubt.) I now have room underneath the stroller to store shopping bags or jackets so my hands are free. The hooks are even made to hook and unhook quickly, simply, and in order to provide even distribution so your stroller will not tip one way or the other. As much as I love everything about this bag, I would have to say this is one of my favorite features.

There are only two things I was not super huge on with this TIMI & LESLIE bag; keeping it on my shoulder and the price. As for keeping it on my shoulder…I know it has a shoulder strap. I know the shoulder strap is easy to use. I just cannot bring myself to use the extra strap because the wider, slipperier hand straps are so much more comfortable in my opinion. Of course, I realize this is silly of me, so disregard it as a reason not to run out and get one of these for yourself. Second is the price. This bag runs for $169.99 on the TIMI & LESLIE website. To someone who is usually very frugal, I admit, I cringe at spending that on a diaper bag…but then I got to thinking. With my older son we went through three diaper bags, $20 a piece, cheap brands we liked the best. That’s $60. They weren’t decent enough to count as purses so I had to make sure I had a purse for my personal belongings as well. I am cheap with purses as well so I went through three in that time, say $20 a piece. That’s now $120. My other diaper bags did not come with a satisfactory changing pad…$15 for a new one. I needed a new wallet/small purse for inside…another $15. We are now at $150. Sure, I could consider finding deals places, but did I mention I had to drive around spending gas money to find them? I honestly have come to the conclusion that the TIMI & LESLIE Marie Antoinette Gemstone Collection diaper bags are a great investment for both your pocket and your poise. It saves time, energy and frustration you will encounter when purchasing lesser quality, it will last you a long time and can multi-task just like us moms, and it will make you feel like you look–amazing.

I have enjoyed going out with my emerald diaper bag. Everywhere I go people comment on my “purse” saying “I need one,” “It looks amazing,” “Is it really a diaper bag? You can’t even tell!”

Be sure to check out the other diaper bags offered by TIMI & LESLIE on their website.


  1. There was nothing like this available when I had my kids. Very nice.

  2. I have been trying to figure out a solution for a diaper bag for when #2 comes. I will have to look them up! Thanks for the review love!

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