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Shoe Hanger Pantry Organizer

Shoe Hanger Pantry OrganizerEver get sick of a messy pantry? I know I do. While it may not solve the entire pantry-organizing dilemma, this solution certainly helps. Try hanging a shoe organizer over your pantry door and fill it with plastic utensils, tablecloths, straws and more! At our house, we keep fruit snacks in all of the bottom pockets and a box of straws within our son’s reach so he can get them on his own. I also keep boxes of plastic baggies with one of the sides cut off for easy dispensing. You can also keep candy in the top pouches so your younger kids cannot grab it at their convenience and healthier snacks towards the bottom like our fruit snacks!

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*This is an updated post from my old blog post on my previous blog, Dealy Os.

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  1. I like simple solutions!

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