My Husband Tagged our Trash Can

joseph painted trash canSo I told you all a while back on Facebook that my husband came up to me one day after I asked him to clean the trash can and asked if he could “do something that would make the  trash can so much better and not change the usability of it.” I was scared at first, and being so very in tune to him that I could read his mind and asked him please to not paint it, he decided to go ahead and paint it anyway and I am glad he did now! He wanted to make it look more interesting than bland white and give me something to remember how adorable he is while he’s deployed. He did a great job on it actually and I love it! What a unique, crafty idea to “tag” our trash can to make it something special! This would be a great place for your children to display their artwork as well! I know it’s a trash can, but it’s actually a lot of fun!

–Are you going to do this? I’d love to see what yours looks like! Post up your photos on my Facebook wall!


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