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DIY Scented Fabric Softener Sheet Spring Flowers

Fabric Softener Sheet Flowers Tutorial. Click the picture to view the tutorial.I had some extra-scented dryer sheets and wanted to come up with a secondary purpose for them besides just laundry. Since fabric softener sheets have a nice smell to them, often floral, I decided they would be great re-purposed as scented fabric flowers! I made a few different flower types but there are so many more you could make as well.

What You Need

  • Dryer sheets (used OR new–used work best but new works for stronger scent; if you choose new, stick them in the dryer after they are stained so they soften a bit)
  • Dye (this can be fabric dye, tea, coffee, natural dyes like beet juice, concentrated water color…keep in mind some of these can alter the scents)
  • Scissors
  • Twist ties


1) Gather together dryer sheets–these can be new, never used for extra scent or dryer sheets that have already been through with a load of laundry. If you choose to use new sheets, you will need to stick them in the dryer still after you stain them so they soften just a little bit.

2) Dye the dryer sheets. Choose what color flowers you would like and submerge the dryer sheets completely in the dye. Dye can be some watercolor paint-stained water, tea, beet juice, food coloring in water, etc. I dyed some in tea and some in watercolor and even did some in tea first then watercolor. I dyed them before using them because I cannot use dryer sheets with my laundry right now, but next time I will probably just try ones that are used already though both work, just decide how much of the scent you would like (for extra scent, use the long-lasting Purex Fabric Softener Sheets.) To dry them after they were dyed, I stuck them in the dryer by themselves after patting them off with a paper towel. You can also hang them out to dry if you choose. I would not suggest putting them in the dryer with good clothing just in case the excess dye were to come off. Try dipping the sheets and removing them immediately for a light color or letting soak for a few minutes for a deeper color.

Fabric Sheets Dye3) Once the fabric softener sheets are dry, you can begin the flowers:

Fabric Sheets DyedMarigold


Fabric Sheets Marigold. Click the picture to view the tutorial.1. Pinch the center of the sheet then bring in the middle of each side to the center to create four cones.

Fabric Sheets Marigold Step 12. Pinch in the middle of each of the cones to the center.

3. Tie the bottom tightly with a twist tie or thread or yarn to hold the flower then pull the sides of the flower out a little bit so it isn’t scrunched. Add more layers of fabric softener sheets in the same manner for a fuller flower.

Fabric Sheets Marigold Step 2Rose


Fabric Sheets Rose. Click the picture to view the tutorial.1. Trifold the dryer sheet (fold in half then fold each half the opposite way towards the fold.)

Fabric Sheets Rose Step 12. Put a little glue or something sticky on the one end then fold it over and let it begin to cool. I used hot glue.

Fabric Sheets Rose Step 23. Start loosely spinning the rest of the fabric sheet around the center of the flower taking care to keep hold of the base of the flower.

Fabric Sheets Rose Step 34. When you are done spinning the entire sheet, tie together the bottom with a twist tie, thread, etc. to keep the flower together. Add more layers of fabric sheets for a fuller flower.

Fabric Sheets Rose Step 4Tulip


Fabric Sheets Tulip. Click the picture to view the tutorial.1. Hold the center of the fabric softener sheet and scrunch together the fabric sheet, creating random folds. Do the same with another fabric sheet on the outside but keep this one looser.

Fabric Sheets Tulip Step 12. Tie together the bottom of the flower with a twist tie or yarn, etc. to hold it together. If you do not want to see the points on the ends of the flower, simply clip them (curved or rugged.)


Fabric Sheets Tulip Step 2Carnation


Fabric Sheet Carnation. Click the picture to view the tutorial.1. Fold a dryer sheet in half the long way and fold the corners to create a triangle shape and keep folding until you run out of fabric.

Fabric Sheets Carnation Step 1

2. Scallop the edges on the large end of the triangle.

Fabric Sheets Carnation Step 23. Repeat folding and scalloping with another sheet but keep it a little larger and looser this time.

Fabric Sheets Carnation Step 34. Do the same again with another sheet. Scalloping can be different on each sheet as no flower is completely perfect.

Fabric Sheets Carnation Step 45. With the last sheet, fold in half the short way and then into large triangles and scallop the edges.

Fabric Sheets Carnation Step 56. Now take each of the sheets and grab them at the base beginning with the first one you cut and start to loosely wrap them around while holding the base. Wrap the second around the first sheet and so on until you have wrapped all the sheets around loosely.

Fabric Sheets Carnation Step 6 7. Tie the base with thread or a twist tie, etc. to hold all the sheets together in form. Add more sheets for even larger flowers.


Fabric Sheets Carnation Step 7Bonus tip: If you want to attach stems, you can use a stick and wrap yarn around or green tape. You can also use fabric flower stems instead of sticks to create your own fabric flower bouquet. Try dying some fabric softener sheets green and cutting out leaves to attach as well!

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  1. Whata great idea!

  2. Why thank you 🙂

  3. Clever idea. I have made many a kleenex flower, but this is new to me.

  4. These are so cute. I am not very creative so I love new ideas!

  5. I love this! I’m always looking for ways to get more than one use out of things especially when it’s time to throw it away. I’ve found out that most things that are discarded can be used in other ways. I would’ve never thought to do this so thanks for posting! It’s a cheap way to have a good smelling bouquet of flowers.

  6. What a neat idea, I love your creativity to use the dryer sheets, Thank you!

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