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DIY Reese’s Cup Easter Basket Treats

reeses pb cup easter basket treats

In my house we love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I was eating one recently and noticed it looked quite like a basket! These cute, miniature, edible Easter basket treats are the result.

What You Need

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures
  • semi-sweet milk chocolate chips
  • green shredded coconut (white coconut with a little water and green food dye)
  • M&Ms Minis
  • Small cake decorating tip with a bag
  • Wax paper
  • Sharpie

What to Do

1. Line a pan with wax paper, waxy part down. Using your Sharpie or other pen, draw handles. When you are finished, flip the wax paper over and you will use the drawings as a guide line.

easter basket treat step 1

2. Melt some chocolate chips then place the melted chocolate into the prepared frosting bag with the decorating tip. Carefully trace around the pen markings/handles with the chocolate. Let harden.

easter basket treat step 2

3. Once the handles are hardened, pop them carefully off of the wax paper.

4. Unwrap the Reese’s Miniatures. Slightly re-melt the chocolate (a few seconds on power 7; be sure to remove the metal tip) and coat the top of the miniatures, one at a time.

easter basket treat step 3

5. While the chocolate is still melted, place one of the handles on the chocolate.

6. Holding the handle in place, add some of the green coconut. If you do not like coconut, you can shred some green melting chocolate to look like Easter grass.

easter basket treat step 4

7. In the center of the coconut, add a dot of chocolate.

easter basket treat step 5

8. Add three M&Ms minis onto the dot of chocolate.

easter basket treat step 6

9. Let the chocolate harden and enjoy! If your house is too warm, you can stick these in the refrigerator, however, they will melt more quickly once they are back in room-temperature.

Tip: The milk chocolate takes a while to harden so be patient. You will also want to make sure your working environment is not too warm or the chocolate will continue to melt as you work with it.

reeses cup easter baskets

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