FREE Flower Bouquet Adult Coloring Page

Flowers Mixed Media Samples

In my spare time, I love to doodle. I doodle night and day. Since adult coloring books are “all the rage” right now, so I started drawing some pages to print. I am actually working on a unique coloring book (that I hope to launch before Easter!) so I decided it would be a great idea to start sharing some of my work with you…

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Deployment Freebies and Resources for Military Families

Deployments are difficult for the whole family.  There are many resources and non-profit organizations available that provide freebies, discounted products and support for deployed soldiers and their loved ones on the homefront during their time apart. Check out the list below! If you

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Pregnancy Freebies for Military Families

There are many resources for expectant mommies in military families. These organizations  provide free baby essentials and support to pregnant soldiers and military spouses. Check out the list below! Baby Bundles: This resource provides pregnancy information for E-4 and below

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