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Just for you, my readers… let’s be modern-day pen-pals!

I’ll be honest… I really don’t know how other bloggers do it…how they share funny posts with relevant content all the time…how they create relationships with their readers. I know so many that can share quirky stories of their day or shout their opinions to the world…and here I am feeling incredibly boring.

My readers [that’s you!] are awesome though, and I have had some wonderful e-mail and Facebook conversations and gotten to know many of you more, but I want to do even better!

Success is something that I want to achieve (and by success I mean inspiring my readers and making this a safe, creative, fun, and familiar place for resources in this journey called “parenthood,” as inspiring and challenging others to “parent with creativity” and to “live life colorfully” are some of my main goals.). Writing is something I love. Comparing myself to others is a fault I catch myself in frequently, but in some ways that is a good thing, because it encourages improvement and this is one result of that.


Modern Day Pen Pal Idea for Arts & Crackers Readers | blogging | social media | get to know me | behind the blog | communication | friendship | relationship


I want you [my readers] to feel like you know me and I want you all to know how incredibly funny I am (because, let’s face it, I’m hilarious…just ask my husband.). My goal is to share more about myself in more personal/parenting/lifestyle posts that aren’t just crafts or recipes (though I share some about myself in everything I write)–and to keep up my personal notes in my weekly newsletter–so you can get to know me better.

You know, I’ve tried keeping journals and diaries. They never worked out. The thing I love about my site is that I can share in a less journal-y fashion (Is that a word? It is now I guess…) and I can feel successful in that, but I do want to be more personable on my site and social media (have any great ideas for this “socially-awkward” person to be more social?).

Once I was talking to a doctor who asked me what I do for my job. I made the mistake of telling her I blog. She automatically stereotyped me and said I need to exercise more and there’s no way I have such a bad memory if I blog. Well, the truth is that my memory is terrible (and I have energetic kids I have to keep up with…so I sort of exercise, right?). Half the time I don’t remember if I ate breakfast this morning or if I did anything but sleep yesterday.

I always feel like I’m uninspired or boring and that’s why I can’t do the journal thing, but do you know why I really struggle sharing more from my crazy life? Low memory. My brain is like the “low memory” warning that comes up on your cell phone when you have too many apps and pictures and tabs open (I see that warning a lot). By then end of the day, I don’t remember half the time what happened 30 minutes ago let alone the whole day.

Talk to me in person (especially when I am completely exhausted) and you’ll get to know all sorts of things about me. Since most of you can’t talk to me in person, I want to find a way to really share my personality with you in a way that will inspire and challenge you and make you giggle at my quirkiness and never-ending puns.

I mean it, though. I really do want to build a relationship with you. I want to share the funny thoughts I have throughout the day. I want to share how I feel about things that have happened and be able to relate to all of you who may be going through the same exact things and vice versa. I want to know and understand my readers more.

So here’s to a new year of remembering to remember…and probably going through more than my usual one notebook a month.

Sometimes I might not have anything to say and that’s okay. I have bad social anxiety, even online… (crazy, right? I mean, I blog!). Sometimes I just need someone to ignite that spark by asking me questions. SO, feel free to send me questions for inspiration! What do you want to get to know about me? Want to tell me more about you?

Let’s be modern-day pen pals!

I understand life gets in the way and sometimes responses can take a bit (*guilty*) so don’t feel pressured! Whenever you’re inspired to, shoot me an email, send a response through my contact form, reply to my newsletters, comment on my blog posts or social media posts (or in the comments on this post) and let’s have a conversation!

Just know this…I am a real person! Don’t feel like you can’t reach out to me or just chat sometimes; it’s totally cool (in fact, it’s encouraged!). I’m just another crafty, human, homeschooling, forgetful, incredibly exhausted, and somewhat lazy mom of two boys and wife to a United States Airman.

I’d love to know more about you too. What do you like? What state (or country) do you live in? What’s your favorite color? Do you struggle with anything I do (constant pain, overwhelming need to say puns all the time, infertility, anxiety attacks for no reason, military life, homeschool life, incredibly shyness, ehrm…memory problems)? Maybe there will be something that has worked for me and I can help you or vice versa. Maybe we can just encourage each other.

Does this sound like fun?


Let’s start with these questions:

What are your favorite hobbies? What are some of your favorite posts I’ve written? What would you like to see more of on Arts & Crackers? What is one thing you’ve always wondered about me (keep it family-friendly like my site is, please.)?
Get to know me a little more already: read my About Me page or find out why I started blogging!

Read around my site!


Modern Day Pen Pal Idea for Arts & Crackers Readers | blogging | social media | get to know me | behind the blog | communication | friendship | relationship


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