Emoji Fruit Cup Craft (Plus a FREE Printable)

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Back-to-school time means packing a lot of lunches. Whether you are sending your kids to class with a bagged lunch or homeschooling and just want something fun (maybe food you can take with you on field trips), these Emoji Fruit Cup Labels are sure to make your child smile, giggle, and make silly faces.


These emoji fruit cups are fun for lunches, snacks, back-to-school, picnics, field trips, and travel! Free printable and tutorial | Emoji | Emoticons | Emotions | Smiley Face | Back to School | Lunch | Lunchbox | Kid Snacks | Fruit Cups | Food Crafts | Printables | Lunch IdeasGreat for Pinning Image Pin It Button


My boys absolutely love fruit puree cups and the NEW DOLE Mixations are a hit. They are easy to transport and fun to decorate. Since emojis are really “in” right now (not to mention my oldest is obsessed with them), I decided to make emoji fruit cups!


I know that everyone has different levels of “craft-ability” or time they have to decorate lunches in a cute manner, so I have provided four fun and adorable versions of these emoji cups. Keep reading to find the link to download and different ways to use this craft.


Emoji Fruit Cups Square


First, I want to tell you a little more about these fruit puree cups. Have you seen them in stores yet? I’ve noticed them in our local grocery store, as we frequent (and I mean, really frequent) the aisle with the canned fruits and applesauce.


DOLE Mixations


DOLE Mixations fruit cups are a delightful mixture of smooth fruit sauce and juicy chunks of fruit. They have multiple varieties to choose from:

  • Pineapple Peach Apple (a peach-apple sauce with pieces of pineapple)
  • Pineapple Mango (a pineapple-mango sauce with pieces of pineapple)
  • Apple Strawberry (an apple-strawberry sauce with pieces of apple)
  • Apple Raspberry (an apple-raspberry sauce with pieces of apple)

I love the fact that these DOLE Mixations cups have easy-peel lids so my kids can open them on their own. They even have an adorable cloud design on the lid! You can leave fun notes on the lids between the days you use these emoji fruit cup labels.


DOLE Mixations Lids


DOLE Mixations are great for lunch bags, classroom snacks, after school snacks, traveling, and so much more! Even I snack on them throughout the day.


DOLE Mixations Pack


These emoji fruit cups are so cute. I have provided a variety of designs, from classic emoji symbols (silly face, smiley face, laughing-so-hard-you’re-crying face) as well as a couple that I created especially for this (a puppy dog and a back-to-school themed design of eating an apple).


Emoji Fruit Cups Four


Emoji Fruit Cup Craft


What You Need:

(This varies as you can craft multiple ways, so I will label the supplies for each.)

DOLE Mixations fruit cups

Printable Emoji Lid Labels (print-only, print-and-craft)

Googly eyes (print-and-craft, craft-only)

Foam heart stickers (print-and-craft, craft-only)

Light blue teardrop-shaped gems [optional] (print-and-craft, craft-only)

Glue/double-sided tape/both (print-only, print-and-craft, craft-only)

Permanent marker/paint pen (craft-only)


Emoji Fruit Cups Supplies



1. First you will need to print the Emoji labels (if you are using them). You can download them below.

Print the labels for free below:

A pop-up window will show; scroll down with the scroll bars or with the page down or down arrow buttons on your keyboard to download. The file will be instantly sent to the email provided.

Download Your Free Emoji Fruit Cup Labels


2. Cut out the emoji faces and gather your supplies.

3. Decide which style of craft you want to do with the DOLE Mixations cups. Print-only? Print-and-craft? Craft-only? If you are doing print-only, simply glue or tape the designs onto the top of the fruit cups. If you decide to do either craft option, keep moving to the next step. You will also glue/tape the design on for the print-and-craft option.


Emoji Fruit Cups Close


4. If you are going to do print-and-craft, gather your craft supplies and glue or tape them over the paper design on the cup. Add googly eyes where the eyes are full. Add glittery foam hearts over the heart shapes. Add light blue tear-shaped gems over the tears on the laughing face. If you need to judge the sizes to use for each, print off the faces first then head to the craft store to make sure you purchase sizes that will fit and cover each part of the design. I had a variety pack of each so I was able to find the proper sizes.


Emoji Fruit Cups Dole


5. There is another way to do print-and-craft. If you want the DOLE lid to show through, you can cut the facial features off of the printed faces and just glue the pieces onto the cup rather than the full round head. You can switch out certain parts for the craft supplies (googly eyes, hearts, etc.).


Emoji Fruit Cups Craft


6. If you decide not to go with the printed pages and want to do it all on your own, use the designs I’ve provided to see what kinds of faces you can make and judge where to put everything. Draw on smiles. Glue on googly eyes. Use construction paper if you wish. Get creative, just base them off of the print designs.


Emoji Fruit Cups Three


Another fun idea would be to send each of these emoji cups in your child’s lunch bag along with a note that coordinates. Here are some ideas: “I love you!” for the smiley face with heart eyes, “Here’s a silly joke for you [insert lunchbox joke.].” for the laughing face, “Wow! You are awesome!” for the surprised face, “Hope you have a cool day!” for the smiley face with sunglasses.


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I would love to hear from you in the comments below–-Which DOLE Mixations variety are you most excited to try? Which emoji is your favorite?


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