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Purex Crystals Fabulously Fresh Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

purex crystals fabulously fresh^^^Yes, my husband does the laundry; I am a lucky girl!

If you want your laundry soft, less staticky, and smelling fresh, I recommend Purex Crystals fabric softener! We love using Purex Crystals in our laundry, especially with stinky loads like dirty baby outfits and my husband’s uniforms. Purex Crystals freshen laundry leaving your clothing and bedding smelling great for weeks and will not reduce the absorbency of towels. Crystals are safe for all loads of laundry, even children’s sleepwear and athletic wear!

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We just had the opportunity to try the all new, limited edition Fabulously Fresh Crystals.

What I Love

I love that Purex Fabulously Fresh Crystals, like other varieties of Purex Crystals, do a great job of leaving our laundry fresh smelling and soft and reduces some of the static. Our dryer tends to make our clothes especially staticky so this product is really helpful.

I also love that Purex Fabulously Fresh Crystals come in a stylish and functional bottle that is easy to pour and use for measuring them amount of fabric softener we use per load. I usually use half the amount shown for a small load in our large loads as it packs a lot of scent.

purex crystals fabulously fresh in action

What I’m Not Huge On

Because of my allergies, I have a difficult time with strongly scented products. I have been able to handle and enjoy small amounts of other Crystals varieties–Purex Baby Crystals, Purex Fresh Mountain Breeze Crystals–but I simply could not handle the Fabulously Fresh scent, even when I was just handling the container, so I cannot use it anymore. Even after the clothing had gone through the wash I had a hard time with the smell and that is one of the fallbacks to the fact that the freshness lasts for weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the scent and my husband thinks it smells awesome, it is just more potent than some of the other scents. I would not recommend this variety if you have strong allergies–try the others I mentioned.

Overall, if you love a strong scent to your laundry (and I know many who do) this is a great product for you because it has a lively, lasting floral scent. If you are sensitive to strong smells, however, I would suggest trying one of the other Crystals varieties.

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Bonus Tip: Purex Crystals are not only a laundry enhancer; they can also eliminate odor and leave a fresh scent in smelly shoes, dresser drawers, and your car. Dump a small amount of Purex Crystals into the middle of a coffee filter or a square piece of tissue paper then tie shut to form a sachet then simply stick these little pouches anywhere you need!

purex fabulously fresh crystals sachet

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-Have you tried Purex Crystals? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite scent?

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  1. I’d like to try it with our towels and sheets!

  2. I’ll use them at home doing laundry.

  3. I will use them in the laundry, but also read they make a great air freshener, and plan to put them in some bowls/vases to freshen up the house.

  4. I’ll use these for laundry, in our closets, and anywhere else that needs a bit of freshness! Love the tissue/coffee filter idea! I’m a sucker for long lasting, super good smelling scent!

  5. Stephanie Miranda

    I will use them in my laundry. Love products to make my laundry smell fresh!

  6. I would use Purex to do my laundry and wash my shoes too!!! I Love the smell of Purex!!!

  7. jeremy mclaughlin

    Mostly be used for laundry.

  8. I will use it for clothes and blankets.

  9. I will most likely use them in the car or in little scent pouches in the kitchen and bathroom.

  10. I will definitely use it in my laundry

  11. Mostly for laundry probably shoes too

  12. where wouldn’t i use them?! car, laundry, sashets for drawers. I would get a lot of use out of this product


  14. Mostly laundry but ill give it a try a my shoes to!

  15. My laundry for the freshest smell

  16. ill use them at my house for the laundry.

  17. Suellen Jennings

    The shoes idea is awesome! I am going to have to try that. We use crystals in the laudry all the time.

  18. I’d use them in my laundry and maybe in the car

  19. I would put the crystals in the sheets.

  20. I would spend it on a teether ring, nasal aspirator, wipes, baby bottles and spoons.

  21. I would definitely use it on my laundry. I was thinking that it might work great if I put it in the bottom of my cat litter box. If it smelks as good as you say and the smell last for awhile it would be perfect for the litter box. There are so many different uses. You coukd pack it in with your winter clothes when you pack them awsy or summer clothes.in my car as an air freshener. I could go on.

  22. I never thought of using them for anything else but laundry! I love the ideas, especially for the car.


  23. I’ll use them with my laundry. I never thought about using them in our shoes… may have to try that!

  24. I already use Purex crystals in the laundry.

  25. The laundry (my husband is a machinist so we have smell issues) or the car.

  26. I’d use them in the laundry and in my car.

  27. I would probably use it for my laundry and my husbands smelly shoes

  28. I think I would definitely use this for laundry and to keep some in a small jar by the kitty litter box

  29. I would use it in the laundry but I know someone I would Suggest to use it in their shoes

  30. I would use it in my laundry, but also in the bottom of my garbage can to get out those stinky odors.

  31. Just laundry. Im not that creative.

  32. I’ll be using the Purex Crystals in my laundry! Love when my clothes smell fresh and clean! πŸ™‚

  33. I would use them in my laundry.

  34. Great idea with the little packets!

  35. I would use in sachets, drawers and laundry, also for air freshener,ashtrays,

  36. I would use it in laundry, it looks like it smells wonderfulll!

  37. They work great in vacuum

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