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More Help Around the House–FREE Online Chore Chart!

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however all opinions are my own.

Check out this great new learning tool for kids! Want to teach your child(ren) to save, spend wisely, do their chores and take on responsibilities? Click the picture above and check out MyJobChart, a FREE online program where you can assign chores to your kids and they can earn points (which turn into real rewards like toys or charitable donations!!) for completing their assignments! I signed up and am going to us this for my 3-year-old so he can already start to learn the value of money and lending a helping hand around the house, especially with Daddy deployed. He already has started helping with a lot like cleaning up his toys and putting clothes in the washing machine, so why not make it exciting for him at the same time?! Sign up for FREE today! Come back and let me know what you think! This free program is open to all countries!

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