DIY Chunky Wooden Alphabet Magnets

Chunky Wooden Alphabet Magnets

So, we have these plastic alphabet magnets for the fridge…correction…had. Almost all of them have fallen off, broken, or hid under the refrigerator in fear of my kids. You see, my youngest loved to put them in his mouth, throw them,

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Glow Stick Lightsaber Craft

Glow Stick Lightsabers

Remember my Star Wars Party from last week? Did you see the cool glow stick lightsabers? My boys absolutely loved these because they were a craft, a decoration, and a toy. As promised, I am sharing my tutorial with you all! It

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Back to School Painted Pencil Craft

Easy Pencil Makeover for Back to School

When I was in school, I always thought the basic no.2 pencils required were so boring. I would dress them up with pencil toppers and fun erasers, but I still had that generic yellow pencil. Now, I enjoy being unique

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