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Back to School Painted Pencil Craft

Back to School Easy Pencil Makeover for Teens and TweensWhen I was in school, I always thought the basic no.2 pencils required were so boring. I would dress them up with pencil toppers and fun erasers, but I still had that generic yellow pencil. Now, I enjoy being unique and creative and everything has to be customized in some way, but I was always stumped on how to decorate those pencils…at least so the designs wouldn’t rub off onto my hands. Recently, a light bulb turned on. What if I painted nail polish onto the pencils?

This simple nail polish craft and does not take long at all. You can customize pretty much any way you want it and can even use nail polish you already own (cost-effective!) Give your pencils a polished new look for back to school!

What You Need

  • No.2 pencils, unsharpened is best
  • Nail polish, multiple colors and even specialty polishes
  • Somewhere to dry the pencils (I used a plastic basket with holes, you can also use a hanger with clips or hold it by hand or find something else around the house to hold it off of surfaces to dry)

Back to School Pencil Craft Supplies


1. Hold the pencil by the metal/eraser end. Choose your first nail polish color and paint the full pencil.

Back to School Pencil Craft Step 12. Now you can add other colors and layers to make designs. I did several different varieties with sparkles, crackle polish, and stripes. You can even use nail polish pens to draw more intricate designs.

Back to School Pencil Craft Step 23. Carefully hang the pencil to dry. As I mentioned above, I used a storage basket with holes in it. I held the eraser end in one hand and touched my finger to the opposite tip of the pencil, which was not painted, then slid it into the hole. Dry for at least 10 minutes or until hard and dry to the touch.

Back to School Pencil Craft Step 34. Once the pencil is completely dry, you can sharpen it. I recommend waiting at least an hour before you try sharpening, just to make sure the nail polish is entirely dried.

Back to School Pencil Craft SharpenedHow adorable are these? This is so easy, kids can do it! It makes a great craft for teens and tweens. What colors and designs will you use on yours?

Easy Pencil Makeover for Back to School
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  1. I think that decorated pencils would be great, inexpensive gifts to put in the shoeboxes that are sent by Operation Christmas Child.

  2. That is such an awesome idea! I will have to do this with my daughter!

  3. This is SOOO Susan! thanks.

  4. My girls would enjoy this! How fun. Will keep this in mind for a rainy day activity!

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