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Sweet Home Collection Oliva Branch Bed Sheet Set | Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Olivia Branch 1800 Thread Count Bed Sheet SetIn our house, we can never have enough sheets. I am always changing how I want to decorate the bedroom and with the crazy weather changes it helps to have various sets handy. For Summertime we had wanted some lighter sheets that would look very clean and coordinate with any bedspread I might like to put on top. We received this Sweet Home Collection Olivia Branch 1800 TC Bed Sheet Set to try out just in time. 

What I Love

First off, I have to tell you that these sheets are so soft. I have never had sheets with an 1800 thread count before and I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. My husband had the same reaction as I did. I admit, I laid on the bed for a while, arms sprawled out, pretending I was floating. What a refreshing change from the plastic-feeling cheap sheets we usually buy and the soft but heavy sheets we used during the cooler months.

I have always been afraid to purchase white sheets because I thought they would show EVERYTHING. Fortunately, these seem to clean up pretty well. With two little ones who like to play on our bed, we have seen our fair share of stains, but the material washes out well with our usual detergent and no special care. They even have stayed fairly wrinkle-free (meaning huge wrinkles) compared to our other sets after being washed. 

1800 Series Queen Sheet Set AmazonThe sheets fit our big bed well in spite of our oversized mattress, thanks to their deep pockets. It made making the bed a lot easier than stretching and stretching to get the sheets to stay put. Honestly, I hate making the bed–my husband does that because I am terrible at it (see pictures haha)–but I did not have as hard a time getting the sheets on myself which was nice.

The white is such a versatile color; literally everything matches, so when we switched back and forth between comforters we didn’t have to find different sheets. This is also helpful because I have not yet decided how we are going to decorate our new bedroom.

What I’m Not Huge One

When I first received the sheets I washed them right away. There was a lot of lint that went into the trap on the dryer and it had almost a felt feel to it. The sheets themselves looked and felt fine besides some strings due to the edges not being finished completely, but it did make me wonder if this happens each time, how long will they last. So far they have gone through several washes and seem to be holding together fine, again, minus some strings on the edges.

While the sheets still feel great when we hop into bed, my husband has been complaining that he gets a little too warm with them, you know, how some fabrics make you sweat at night. I have this same issue on occasion, but it really is on and off so it may just be the temperature of the house. Nonetheless, we still have fewer issues with this than some of our previous sheet sets. 

I love the white sheets, I really do, but they are very thin and see-through. You can see the patterns on our pillows and the tags and pattern on our mattress. I would really love to see the pillowcases and fitted sheet be a little bit thicker than the top sheet to correct this.

White Sheet Set 1800 Thread CountOverall, the Olivia Branch Bed Sheet Set is extremely soft and smooth, I have not had issues with pulls or tears from my rings or nails like I usually do, and I love that they fit our mattress, but I personally would prefer them to be a little bit thicker for the pillowcases and fitted sheet so you cannot see through.

It comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases and you can choose from Queen or King sizes and 11 different color options including but not limited to the following: White, Black, Sage, Light Blue, Burgundy.

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-What is the color scheme in your bedroom?


  1. That sounds heaven! 1800 thread count… 🙂

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