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The Bouqs–Flowers from a Volcano | Review

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The Bouqs Company Volcanic CollectionIf there is one thing that can brighten anyone’s day it is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether you have just received the flowers or are looking at them for the fifth day in a row, flowers are proven to have a positive impact on your emotional health by improving mood, gratitude, relationships, and promoting sharing (see the Emotional Impact of Flowers Study.) You can imagine how I felt when I received my flower bouquet from The Bouqs Company.

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The Bouqs helps you make every day a special occasion.

What I Love

There were a few things that I found intriguing about The Bouqs “Volcano Collection” right off the bat. The first thing to catch my eye was the beautiful, vivid color of their bouquets. So why are Bouqs flowers so much brighter than others? They are actually grown in Equatorial sunlight on the side of a volcano 10,000 feet above sea level; it’s not just a name! (Find out more here.) I decided to order the “Dawn” Bouq, though there were so many amazing options it was hard to choose just one. Of course, I figured there is no way the flowers that arrived at my house could be as gorgeous as the pictures; that’s what usually happens when you order flowers online. Wrong. They were just as beautiful if not MORE than the picture on the website! As if they weren’t pretty enough when they first arrived, they began to open up the next day then even more the following day to reveal full, luscious blooms.

I love that the flowers are cut to order so no stems are wasted. Bouqs arrive at your doorstep within 5 days after being cut while others can take up to 14 days to arrive. That means Bouqs will last longer too. Mine lasted almost 2 weeks when any flowers I’ve received in the past have only lasted me a couple days. I did lose many of them about week in, but I saved the ones that were still amazing and put them into a smaller vase. The ones that I “lost” were still fairly decent, they were just beginning to lose many of their petals so I took them out, removed the good petals and dried them to make potpourri (see pictures toward the bottom of the post.) The Bouqs Dawn Day 1 The Bouqs Dawn Day 2 The Bouqs Dawn Day 3 The Bouqs Dawn Day 7The Bouqs provides flat-rate prices. No shipping. No hidden fees. Just one flat rate starting at $40. I love this because I have ordered “free” flowers in the past and still ended up paying $20+ for shipping and handling. Here you pay $40 for the Original Bouq (like the one I received!), $50 for a Deluxe Bouq (double the blooms), and $70 for the Grand Bouq (triple the blooms.) They do also offer options to schedule deliveries with a concierge service and receive up to 25% off; you can even earn free flowers by referring your friends! 

I also love that The Bouqs Company is eco-friendly and farmer-friendly. They receive their product from partners who offer competitive, living wages with benefits to their employees and practice sustainable farming while only cutting the stems they sell so there is no waste. 
The Bouqs Dawn

What I’m Not Huge On

The package was in a little bit of a rough condition when it arrived at my house. I am sure it was simply beat up in the delivery vehicle, but I would love to see more solid packaging to protect the flowers. In spite of the crushed side of the box, my flowers fortunately were unharmed and in beautiful condition.

Do keep in mind when you are unpacking your flowers that there is gel on the bottom of the stems. I did not notice this right away and it made a mess, so consider this a heads-up. I am glad they put it on really because it keeps the flowers fresh during shipment. The Bouqs PackageI also did receive a few rose stems that still had the thorns on them, but I know this is something that can happen frequently with ordered roses, so just be careful when you are preparing your flowers for the vase.

The Bouqs flowers do not come with vases, nor do they sell vases on their site as they choose to focus solely on gorgeous flowers, so you will want to have a vase already when you receive them. You can find some great vases on Amazon.

Overall, if you want to brighten the day or someone your care about, including yourself, send some flowers from The Bouqs! Their flowers last long, have stunning color, and save you the hassle that other flower-delivery sites cause. The Bouqs Dawn After 7 DaysBonus Tip: One way to make your flowers last longer and enhance their beauty after they arrive is to carefully remove the outer layer of petals. As you can see in the picture below, removing the outer petals revealed the true, magnificent color of the roses. Are your flowers getting droopy? Another quick trick is to submerge the stems in warm water for a little bit; this will help to strengthen the stem and bring the flowers back to life. To achieve the maximum flower life possible, follow the directions sent to you by The Bouqs on the product packaging. You can also find more great cut flower care tips from “Add Hours to Your Flowers” by NC State University and a detailed list of Tips on Flower Conditioning for tons of different flowers by TheGardenWorkers.org. The Bouqs Rose Before The Bouqs Rose After

BONUS Bonus Tip: Don’t waste the petals! Save the petals and turn them into a potpourri. The best way to dry the flower petals (without them getting moldy) is to lay them out in one layer and set them somewhere they will get sunlight. Some will dry quickly while others will not. You can also just fill a fish bowl with fresh flower petals to enjoy the scent for a couple days, but do not leave them in there long, again to prevent molding. If you want to add a little spice to the dried petals, crush up a stick of cinnamon and mix it in!  Rose Petal Potpourri in a Fish BowlThe Bouqs Company Volcanic Collection Dawn

-Also pictured: Cinnamon Apple Zucchini Muffins and Toddler Outdoor Canvas Painting Project.

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-Which Bouq is your favorite?


  1. That’s beautiful! I love the way you dry the petals – I always dried the actual roses and ended up throwing them out when I needed to reclaim my vase. Drying the petals for potpourri is genius!

    • I love the bouq! Thanks! I have been drying flower petals for a while; every time my husband gets me flowers I pull off and dry a few petals and add them to a growing bowl of potpourri. Then I have a little piece of each time so I can remember the joy they brought on each occasion.

  2. I love the vibrant orange color of these flowers – so unique and summery!

  3. SOOO beautiful!! I will have to like them on facebook so I can get them for my family! I wonder if they ship to Maine…I’ll go research them! Again, your pix are outstanding!

  4. Oh my goodness these are beautiful!!!
    I might have to leave a link to these laying around the house for my husband to find ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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