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Gorton’s Artisan Fillets #RealSolutions Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

gortons artisan filets

I love meals that are quick and simple, especially on our busy days when I don’t have much time to cook. Anything that is healthy and comes prepared is perfect for my family so when I was presented with the opportunity to try Gorton’s Artisan Filets I jumped at it. Gorton’s sells high-quality seafood that is ready to cook and serve to your family.

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I am not huge on fish unless it is salmon, but my husband and son enjoy it and the Artisan Breaded Fish Filets sounded like something I might eat. The Gorton’s Artisan line comes in four varieties. I really wanted to try the Southern Style or Southwest Tortilla, but our store only had the Lemon & Cracked Peppercorn and Roasted Garlic & Italian Herbs varieties. We decided to try the Roasted Garlic & Italian Herbs filets.

What I Love

I love that Gorton’s Artisan Filets are low in calorie–only 150-170 calories per filet–and have no fillers, MSG, or artificial colors and flavors. The crust is tasty with real breadcrumbs, panko breadcrumbs, crunchy corn coating, or crushed tortilla chips. The recipes are authentic and the blend we tried tasted great.

gorton's artisan fish fillets

These Gorton’s Filets were so easy to cook–just take them out of the freezer, pop them in the oven to cook, then serve them up! I love that you do not have to make all the filets at once so you can please everyone in your family. Gorton’s Artisan Filets are perfect for pulling together a quick meal when you are low on time–the Roasted Garlic & Italian Herbs filets paired well with a fresh salad full of vegetables.  

What I’m Not Huge On

Gorton’s Artisan Filets are made with real wild-caught Alaska Pollock. As I mentioned earlier, I am not huge on any fish besides salmon and occasionally tilapia, but I still really wanted to try these. In all honesty, I did not like them too much. The crust tasted great, but they tasted a lot like fish sticks which I cannot eat. My son ate them alright and my husband said that they tasted good, so if you enjoy fish like Pollock this would be a great option for making healthier, tasty meals.

I was also not too fond of the texture. We baked the filets according to the directions on the package and they turned out rather mushy in my opinion and I was expecting them to be flakier. As you can see in the picture I took, they broke apart very easily. My husband again did not mind, but he agreed it was not the texture he would have preferred.

Overall, while I personally would not eat the Artisan Filets again, they are a great meal to serve to my family and I continue to enjoy other Gorton’s products like their salmon and their shrimp.

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  1. misty sue wiggers

    I’d try southern style!!

  2. I would love to try the salmon

  3. I’d love to try the Southern Style, I haven’t been able to try that one yet.

  4. The Southern Style sounds delicious.

  5. The southern style sounds good.

  6. I am most interested in the lemon and cracked peppercorn variety.

  7. southern style sounds great!

  8. I like the taste of lemon on my fish, so I would probably like the lemon and cracked peppercorn flavor.

  9. I want to try the lemon!!

  10. I would like to try the Roasted Garlic & Italian Herbs filets.

  11. Lemon sounds delicious

  12. the southern style looks yummy!

  13. Tiffany Greene Elliott

    I would love to try the southern style! Thank you!

  14. Roasted Garlic & Italian Herbs

  15. I want to try the roasted garlic and italian herb.

  16. I would like to try the Roasted Garlic & Italian Herb

  17. Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    I would like to try the Southern Style Artisans Fish fillets

  18. Lemon and peppercorn looks delicious.

  19. jeremy mclaughlin

    Love to try the southern style.

  20. Would love to try any

  21. I want to try them all

  22. I would love to try the Southern Style.

  23. Christa Bengtsson

    I would love to try the southern style.

  24. Would love to try the Roasted Garlic and Italian Herb

  25. I want to try the Beer Battered Crispy Shrimp

  26. I’d like to try the Lemon & Cracked Peppercorn.

  27. I’d love to try the Southern Style.

  28. If I had a choice between the 4 different Gordons product flavors I would choose Southern Style because it looks good and I think it would taste good too!

  29. We’re big fish eaters over here, we’d love to try them all! We eat a pretty good amount o Gortons anyway, this will be a fun new thing to try:(

  30. Roasted garlic and Italian herb

  31. Would love to try the Roasted Garlic and Italian Herb

  32. I would love to try them all but the roasted garlic and italian herb sounds delicious

  33. The southern style sounds good to me.

  34. I would want to try the Roasted Garlic & Italian Herbs filets! I love their beer battered filets! Gorton’s fish is delicious

  35. I think we would like the Lemon & cracked peppercorn 🙂

  36. I would like to try Southwest Tortilla.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. I would like to try the Lemon and Cracked Peppercorn

  38. I really want to try the roasted garlic and italian herbs.

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